Traducción de devastating en Español:


devastador, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛvəsteɪtɪŋ//ˈdɛvəˌsteɪdɪŋ/


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    (punch/shock) devastador
    the news was devastating la noticia fue un golpe tremendo
    • We're here in Ambon City, the capital of the Moluccas Island, and the extent of the destruction here is devastating.
    • Like Oedipus this may result in devastating shock.
    • The Cook Islands has helped Niue in other ways since the devastating cyclone struck the island early in January.
    • It is a devastating blow to his family, fellow players, work colleagues and to his large circle of friends.
    • This could cripple California's economy and have a more devastating effect than damaging a few warships.
    • Sixty-five million years ago an asteroid struck the Earth with devastating environmental effect.
    • The huge destructive waves caused by December's tsunami in the Indian Ocean are analogous to the devastating waves of grief that a parent is forced to endure.
    • Limitations on punitive damages may make sense: They are among the most unpredictable and potentially devastating of damages to a defendant.
    • The Chapman family live in Larkham Rise in Chippenham, but a problem in the water heating system led to a tank meltdown and gallons of water soaking through the house, causing devastating damage.
    • When I saw what had happened, I was in total shock, it was devastating.
    • Of the 80 ships that are remaining, many of them have suffered just devastating damage.
    • It was a shock to my family and a devastating blow to me.
    • The two-week long diesel shortage had devastating effects on the economy, and was quite costly too to the country.
    • Never before has a natural catastrophe had such a devastating effect on at least 11 countries scattered thousands of miles around the rim of an ocean.
    • His death at such an early age has caused widespread grief and has been a devastating shock to his family.
    • The family were all set for a camping holiday at the end of August but their plans were halted by the devastating financial blow, prompting the parents to start a fund to take all the children of ex-Crown workers on holiday.
    • Simply that this scandal has caused devastating damage to America's moral standing in the world, and we need to recover fast.
    • The destruction was devastating and although replanting is set to take place - it will be years before the 130 acres of native and exotic forest returns to normal.
    • In fact there was a series of catastrophes, all viticultural, which had devastating effects on both the quantity and quality of wine produced.
    • Because of the devastating hurricane damage, I'm dealing with multiple crises every day from morning until night.
    • This is a devastating blow to the workers, over 900 Waterford producers and the community around Kilmeaden, who will suffer greatly.
    • To lose him so young, so suddenly and in such a savage way is a devastating shock to our family.
    • Russian armies crushed the rebellions, with devastating effects for Polish nationhood.
    • But, in a devastating blow, his first asylum claim failed because the adjudicator ruled he ‘did not consider the West Side Boys agents of persecution’.
    • The couple married in 2002 after their original wedding plans were shattered because of the devastating blow to Louise's health.
    • This tactic and devastating air strikes had a huge psychological effect on the Iraqis, who began to desert.
    • It arrived in the mail a few weeks later, and I opened it up only to receive a hellish, ghastly, devastating shock.
    • A devastating cyclone on 6 January 1897 caused both damage and loss of life.
    • In those border zones, modern-day barbarians can use technology to collapse distance, to inflict devastating damage on centers of power far away.
    • Her parents are divorced, but have worked together to keep Natalie's sporting talents on target, and Natalie's mother, Karen, admitted it had been a devastating blow to the family.
    • That was a devastating blow really so the emphasis was more on regaining pride, even more so than winning the game.
    • Tribunal chair Mr Justice Frederick Morris said his death was an ‘appalling and devastating blow.’
    • Transport leaders in Manchester have been dealt a devastating blow in their fight to thrash out a new deal with the government on Metrolink - but they have vowed to fight on tooth and nail.
    • In another devastating blow for the family, Mr O'Connor and his wife tragically lost their young daughter, Aoife, three years ago when she died after suffering from cancer.
    • It's the white-tail spider, widely blamed over the last few years for devastating tissue damage after its bite: necrotising arachnidism, it's called.
    • He lets us into the entire process, from the second of devastating grief to the complete inner short-circuiting of his world.
    • Outside experts said the new flaws were nearly identical to problems that were exploited by the so-called Blaster infection, which spread last month with devastating damage.
    • Tooting & Mitcham have been dealt a devastating blow by the news that leading goalscorer Elliot Onochie has broken his ankle and will be out for the next three months.
    • It was a devastating blow - and Marina Voncina says any chance Noel Han had of proving his claim of innocence, is gone.
    • Locust swarms can travel for thousands of kilometres between summer, winter and spring breeding areas and are capable of causing devastating damage to crops.
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    (accuracy/logic/skill) abrumador
    (accuracy/logic/skill) apabullante
    (reply/critique/defeat) demoledor
    (defeat/critique/reply) aplastante
    (beauty) irresistible
    • Every moment might not be as valuable as prayer, but it could be - a prayer that is pale or green, lovely, devastating or funny.
    • An extreme athlete who's a simply devastating defender, Jones also improved his offense immensely during his senior year.
    • As Philly moves from total dependency into the first few baby steps of autonomy, the impact on everyone is delightful and devastating.
    • Woodward's prose combines those rare qualities of real emotional intelligence and heartfelt warmth with a devastating wit.
    • Taking the most extreme case, I was recently attached to some absolutely devastating giant trevally off the Seychelles coral reefs.
    • The results were devastating and impressive to say the least.
    • People spoke of Clinton's devastating charisma, of his charm and relaxed good manners.
    • But what makes him most effective is a devastating slider, which he uses effectively against righthanders.
    • But, at times, when King thinks nobody is watching, he is capable of flashing a devastating wit.
    • Baek worked eight shutout innings, pounding the inside with effectiveness and sprinkling in devastating off-speed pitches amidst his fastballs.
    • I think it's stunning and beautiful and devastating and I think could easily be rescued from its apparent theism and reinterpreted as a proper humanist hymn.
    • It is a stunning, devastating, and uplifting prayer book for the 21st-century Christian.
    • The finish was simple, effective and devastating.
    • Months later it still feels like the greatest film I've ever seen, more beautiful, more devastating, more emotionally subtle and probingly, daringly insightful.
    • Although, reading about his devastating sex appeal might have also helped.
    • Driving his point home with a sharp tongue and a deadpan delivery, Soderbergh's is a devastating wit, and he always gives himself the last word.
    • She was beautiful, with this devastating swath of dark chocolate colored hair and these massive green eyes that just watched and waited and calculated.
    • He consistently reached a mid-90s velocity he hadn't shown the Yankees in ages, making his devastating changeup all the more effective.
    • He pulled away suddenly and gazed at me with raw emotion clear in his eyes, smiling that irresistible and devastating smile of his.
    • Lloyd has been in devastating form, kicking 80 goals this season at an impressive 73 per cent accuracy rate.