Traducción de developer en Español:


promotora inmobiliaria, n.

Pronunciación /dɪˈvɛləpə//dəˈvɛləpər/


  • 1

    (of land, property)
    (company) promotora inmobiliaria femenino
    (person) promotor inmobiliario masculino América Latina
    (person) promotora inmobiliaria femenino América Latina
    (person) desarrollador inmobiliario masculino América Latina
    (person) desarrolladora inmobiliaria femenino América Latina
  • 2

    revelador masculino
    • In a darkroom floating in a bath of developer an image slowly materializes.
    • The recipe for paper is almost a double-strength version of my film developer.
    • It is used in cosmetics and photography as a black and white developer, among other industrial applications.
    • The developer is heavily diluted in order to slow the process down and allow better control.
    • The print may need to stay in the second developer for as long as two or three minutes.
  • 3

    a slow/late developer un individuo de desarrollo lento/tardío
    • I was a late developer me espabilé tarde
    • She had been a slow developer and had pretty much been considered the ugly duckling for most of her life.
    • A relatively late developer, he epitomises the thin line between success and failure.
    • His father, Ramu, says Prasad was recognised to be a slow developer only when the boy was about five years old.
    • Jonathan Simpson, defending, said that his client had been a slow developer as a child and was very immature at the time of the offence.
    • They are often late developers, live by their own rules and can be utterly selfish.
    • It was not as if he was a slow developer, in fact he was 6ft tall and extremely muscular.
    • Young people often become anxious or worried if they think they are early or late developers.
    • This is one late developer who doesn't intend to be remembered - or forgotten - for once finishing second.