Traducción de devil en Español:


diablo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛv(ə)l//ˈdɛvəl/


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    • 1.1Religión

      diablo masculino
      demonio masculino
      the devil el demonio
      • go to the devil! ¡vete al diablo!
      • the devil finds work for idle hands (to do) el ocio es la madre de todos los vicios
      • the devil is in the detail el diablo está / se esconde en los detalles
      • the devil looks after his own mala hierba / bicho malo nunca muere
      • better the devil you know (than the devil you don't) más vale malo conocido que bueno por conocer
      • speak / talk of the devil ... hablando del rey de Roma y él que se asoma
      • (the) devil take the hindmost ¡sálvese quién pueda!
      • to be (caught) between the devil and the deep blue sea estar entre la espada y la pared
      • The Church would torture and kill because the Devil roamed the Earth, and possessed the unfaithful.
      • The majority is educated through movies and entertainment and recognizes that the pentacle is a sign of the Devil.
      • For a Harry fans, this is like a one-to-one tussle between God and the Devil himself.
      • I have no idea what the Islamic version of Hell and the Devil is like, so maybe the symbolism really is lost on them.
      • A silly one, unless they sniff glue and worship the Devil, and we wouldn't put it past them.
      • The problem is that more people now believe in the existence of God than the existence of the Devil.
      • As if to deceive the Devil himself, this humblest of men turns out to be the Son of God.
      • Once God is absent, the Devil starts making his own plans with help of human agents.
      • Did you find it any easier to avoid the Devil, to avoid evil when you were a monk?
      • Hinduism is the only religion, whose God does not have any enemy, like the Devil or the Satan.
      • Listen to him for a day and you would think the Devil was here walking in our midst in the form of Liberals and the Left.
      • If a person believes themselves to be possessed by the Christian Devil, perform a Catholic exorcism.
      • Trams rattle by on the sunny street below, oblivious to our discussion of the world, the flesh and the Devil.
      • In an arm-wrestling match between God and the Devil, you're not quite sure who he'd be rooting for.
      • After all, if it rises from the grave to murder innocent Christians, it has to be from the Devil, right?
      • The bible says today is the day of salvation, the Devil always says tomorrow.
      • Many refer to the Devil, or rely on descriptions of satanic cults as symbols of evil and death.
      • It may be a bargain with the Devil, but it is a bargain that may be worthwhile in many cases.
      • Terrorism may have replaced the Devil as the bogeyman, but the same principle applies.
      • Right now, I feel as if I were in the middle of a fight between God and the Devil.

    • 1.2(evil spirit)

      demonio masculino
      • The Holy Fools were tasked to protect Tripitaka on his journey, and protect him they did, from all manner of demons and devils.
      • We need to know that it is, precisely, human beings who do these things in certain circumstances, not monsters (except in the moral sense) or demons or devils.
      • He knew the cant of demons and devils alongside being streetwise and arrogant.
      • And in the modern day, there's an equation relating UFOs and abduction experience to devils and demons as well.
      • Ignore her as she is being borne away by these devils, these demons, these evil creatures with the intention of - what?
      • There was a lot more of people's souls being stolen and demons and devils.
      • The whole devil/evil spirit/demons/possession thing fascinates me, it always has.
      • In science fiction there can be no inexplicable marvels, no transcendences, no devils or demons.
      • It can also take the form of an exorcism, where the treatment is meant to drive out an evil spirit or devil from the victim.
      • So far as I know, even demons and devils have souls (though evil ones).
      • I dressed up as a Vampire and my brother Wayne as a Devil with my sister Amy as a Witch.
      • We are taught about angels, witches, devils, spirits, monsters, gods, etc. virtually in the cradle.
      • The Bedouin traditionally hang amulets on the body of adults to prevent the evil eye, devils, impure spirits and other illnesses from attacking the bearer of the amulet.
      • Far from being a discouraging picture of evil, cinematic devils are cool, calculating and one step ahead of the mere mortals whose souls they seek to add to their collections.
      • For there - so it is said - her idol sometimes comes to life and in physical form takes action to protect her devotees against devils and demons.
      • In comes an angel or a devil or a spirit or an ancestor or whatever who gives him a ‘glimpse’ of what life could be like or should be like depending on how you look at it.
      • Some perceive them as demons, devils and harbingers of evil.
      • Characters often include such villains as devils, infidels, demons, Turks, and sometimes Englishmen, and the action emphasizes the struggle between good and evil.
      • The Bible is almost silent about devils in the Old Testament.
      • The devils and evil spirits of the next day were perhaps more psychosomatic and drawn from the excesses of the night before than derived from a Celtic past.

  • 2coloquial

    it hurt like the devil me dolió horriblemente
    • who/what/where the devil ... ? ¿quién/qué/dónde demonios / diablos ... ?
    • this is in a devil of a mess aquí hay un desorden de (los) mil demonios
    • we had the devil of a time nos las vimos negras
    • One would think that the police would be allowed not to prosecute when they lose eight out of 10 cases, but the Crown Law Office sends to court the poor devils who have already been traumatised.
    • As Auntie Mame so colorfully stated, life is a banquet- and most poor devils are starving to death.
    • They are the real patriots, not the poor devils who are riding this bear market down.
    • It got to the point where the poor devil daren't leave the bedroom door even slightly ajar for fear that I would sneakily insert a syringe through the gap in an attempt to feed him tea intravenously.
    • A cast list of more than about five scares the poor devils to death.
    • The pressures associated with his baldness finally wore down the poor devil.
    • While under the master's guidance, which is generally for a year, the newly qualified barrister is known as a devil.
    • Maybe she is and maybe she isn't, and the audience will judge for themselves, but what else is the poor devil going to say?
    • A morass of half-reconstituted chicken curry didn't go down all that well; I'm sure the poor devils thought I was trying to poison them.
    • To do this, some poor devil was up all night with the Letraset making desk signs bearing the slogan ‘The Buck Stops Here.’
    • Theatre Network's David Cheoros is one romantic devil.
    • Assisted by a "devil," an aspiring barrister in his or her first year of practice, they work alone, the often flamboyant superstars of the Irish legal system.
    • Now, this handsome devil to my right is Edwin Graham.
    • The poor devils have to hack their own speeches out, and of course they often sound that way, heavygoing phrases and so on.
    • The poor devil was the first person to ever get run over by a train.
    • Thus, the first order of the new Pax Americana is to bring those we deem as heathens to democracy, to modernize the poor devils, and while we're at it teach them the beauties of a more materialistic culture.
    • She hadn't seen the handsome devil for several years.
    • Poor devil had his tongue cut out, so he trained the parrot to talk for him.
    • Poor devils - they had come to believe that their wings were real.
    • The poor devil must have performed non-stop pirouettes in his grave during a segment of the '40s.
  • 3

    • 3.1(person, animal)

      you little devil! ¡eres un diablillo!
      • they've been absolute devils this morning se han portado como diablos esta mañana
      • go on, be a devil, have another one! ¡anda, cómete otro, no seas tonto!
      • he's a devil for chocolates lo enloquecen los bombones
      • poor devil! ¡pobre diablo!
      • he's won again, the lucky devil ha vuelto a ganar ¡qué potra tiene!

    • 3.2(troublesome thing)

      the lock is a real devil la cerradura es maldita coloquial
      • that concerto is the very devil to play ese concierto es endemoniadamente difícil de tocar

verbo transitivo

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    hacer con picante y especias
    deviled eggs huevos duros con salsa picante
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    (harass, worry)