Traducción de devil-may-care en Español:


despreocupado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌdɛvəlmeɪˈkɛr/



  • 1

    • Luckily we like devil-may-care, feisty dames who laugh in the face of disapproval and adversity.
    • Silver may turn out to be a classic case of the consequences of devil-may-care consumption.
    • The housing market seems to be one of the reasons behind business owners ' devil-may-care attitude.
    • He gave his second cousin a devil-may-care shrug.
    • The same course of illness, however, may also give rise to the temptation, if we succumb to despondency or take an attitude of devil-may-care.
    • The devil-may-care driving habits for which Brazilian truck drivers are known make this route intimidating for the faint-of-heart.
    • As the movie's lead, Healy could play wise-cracking and devil-may-care, but there's a cruel urban edge to his character.
    • The next morning we woke up to find the mild-mannered videographer had been transformed into a devil-may-care, wild-haired punk!
    • The Libertines resemble reality TV ' celebrities ' more than old fashioned, devil-may-care rock stars.
    • The folk singer Jim Croce slipped a romantic reference to the pills into "Speedball Trucker," his ode to devil-may-care driving.
    • Hudson's dearth of caps probably lays with the devil-may-care attitude he adopted throughout his career.
    • The work is hard, the going rough at times, but there's the companionship of robust Navy laughter, the devil-may-care philosophy of the sea.
    • Friends think his devil-may-care attitude runs even deeper now than before.
    • I adopt a more devil-may-care attitude and haven't written a cookery book for four years.
    • Jaon was looking smug, with his usual devil-may-care smirk plastered on his face.
    • As the reality of her rehab experience settles in, Gwen realizes that her devil-may-care attitude is not the answer.
    • I sometimes wish I had more of that devil-may-care approach in my nature.
    • The approach requires a devil-may-care swagger, a thick skin and also thick-skinned editors, who seem to be in short supply.
    • This is more like a pornographic shoot 'em up with a couple of devil-may-care, female gunslingers in the lead.
    • Dudley evolved from a goofy oddity to a devil-may-care ring villain.