Traducción de devotion en Español:


devoción, n.

Pronunciación /dɪˈvəʊʃ(ə)n//dəˈvoʊʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (love) devoción femenino
    (loyalty) lealtad femenino
    devotion to sb/sth
    • they showed great devotion to their king demostraron gran devoción por/lealtad a su rey
    • her devotion to the cause su dedicación / entrega a la causa
    • In our slavish devotion to pop culture, is there any hope of taming the monster of celebrity?
    • It inspired a level of devotion from its fans that verged on the religious.
    • The virtue of a talented woman lies in her devotion to her studies, not her looks.
    • After years of devotion to perfecting his art, it is no wonder Jiggy takes his career to heart.
    • The players all gather around a few microphones and let their skill and devotion to the music do the rest.
    • Only the British public, with our slavish devotion to high-street spending, hold the key.
    • I ditched my leather shoes and even, gulp, drank soy milk in my total devotion to her ideals.
    • He took care for her never to be left alone while he travelled, and in her last years he nursed her with great devotion.
    • Their devotion, if extreme, is driven by one goal to reclaim their neighbourhood.
    • Mom gave her unconditional love and devotion to each and every one of her children.
    • But to do it requires strong devotion from the bottom of our heart and from the marrow of our bones.
    • Her earnest belief in devotion to duty and her command of French bring her an offer to join the intelligence service.
    • His devotion to the cause was illustrated during the national team's ill-fated Far East tour.
    • Others say his devotion to Korean farmers was so passionate that he would willingly have laid down his life for them.
    • They'd spot my fascination for Hollywood's formative years, and my devotion to the novel.
    • His devotion to the only government job he ever wanted is not in doubt.
    • They concentrated on his childhood, his professional success in the City, and his devotion as a son and brother.
    • To achieve this, we will have to put an end to our single minded devotion to material pursuits.
    • I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and skill in battle.
    • The author's research skills and his devotion to accuracy befit a serious academic monograph.
  • 2

    (of money, time, space)
    dedicación femenino
  • 3

    oración femenino
    rezo masculino
    to be at one's devotions estar rezando
    • Clearly, the polylingual devotions and prayers associated with Elizabeth are not ‘hers,’ in the sense that their authorship is a given.
    • Personal devotions, meditations or prayer may refresh introverts.
    • The image or icon of worship is a focus for our prayers and devotions.
    • Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion, while Raja yoga is the yoga of meditation.
    • They call it the wailing wall, but the only act of devotion on this west London street corner is to mammon not God.
    • There was Rosary in the church on Sunday evening and devotions including Evening Prayer was held on Tuesday.
    • Not a single day passed that he didn't spend time in prayer and in private devotions with God.
    • There were also new forms of devotion as well and they emerge as new forms of piety.
    • These include three religious groups with special devotions, an ethnic association, and a musical society.
    • He is one of the most popular objects of devotion and reverence in east Asian Buddhism.
    • After only three years her natural frailty and the rigours of her ascetic devotions killed her.
    • In 1937 he settled at Le Vésinet on the outskirts of Paris and in his final years gave as much time to religious devotions as to painting.
    • Benigno is a nurse who tends to a young woman with an almost religious devotion.
    • Susannah soon put a woman's touch to the hotel rooms, especially the sitting room where Spurgeon led morning devotions and the Lord's Supper on Sunday afternoons.
    • Pious and private devotions more encouraged than scripture.
    • Workshops and luncheons abound, but this conference also boasts prayer meetings, devotions and music showcases.
    • They are all integral parts of church interiors and of the Orthodox liturgy and private devotion.
    • I quote an account of a compilation of ‘Celtic’ prayers and devotions, published in 1994.
    • A canon of Seville Cathedral and renowned for his devotion and learning, Neve was a major patron of the artist.
    • So I could figure out that all religions were good and bringing the same type of devotion.
    • In fact, it is so short that, in its Chinese translation, it is memorized by Chinese monks and nuns and recited daily as part of morning devotions.
    • A prayer book which was offered symbolised our devotion and thanks to God for his goodness.
    • In some cases, these ideas evolve into a symbolically charged moment of private religious devotion.
    • Leading opening devotions, chairing the discussion, and leading closing prayer are rotated among committee members.
    • In addition to the seven devotions, the CD has Scripture readings, prayers, hymns and church information.
    • What is the role of ideological or religious devotion in terrorism and violence in general?
    • The Wesleys understood the use of hymns for popular devotion and instruction.
    • In between their hours of devotion they discussed Cicero, St Paul, and Neoplatonic themes.
    • He habitually revealed that reverence for God which in Jewish devotion is the natural climax of true piety.
    • It had been an emotionally stressful week, and without her daily devotions and prayer time, she could definitely feel the difference.
    • The clear implication here is that yoga can be a form of devotion, or worship.
    • Until his death, on November 16th, 1272, the King continued to rule and to conduct his customary religious devotions.
    • After a day of prayer and devotions on Tuesday, the relics will return to Fairview church on Tuesday night.
    • The exterior nature of the liturgy helps to kindle in us a strong interior faith and devotion.
    • We have lost this commitment to the delights of the Word of God, the joy of our devotion.
    • Olympian fields were as much temples for religious devotion as sports complexes.
    • Much of Abu Hurayrah's time would be spent in spiritual exercises and devotion to Allah.
    • We have breakfast in the dining hall but first we have our devotions, which are prayers to say thank you for our food.
    • Temple worship, rituals, sacraments as well as personal devotions create a communion with the devas and God.
    • In front of these symbols, we place offerings that are an expression of our devotion.