Traducción de dewdrop en Español:


gota de rocío, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdjuːdrɒp//ˈd(j)uˌdrɑp/


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    gota de rocío femenino
    • Unlike dewdrops, which often sit on the surface of an object, water that attaches to salt actually becomes part of its crystalline structure and increases its volume.
    • It's marked by a tender, fragile, carefully contained beauty, strung together like dewdrops on a spiderweb in the dusky half-light the title suggests.
    • ‘She must run into the fields and collect the dewdrops for us,’ said the adviser.
    • But they are as ephemeral as a dewdrop and as illusionary as the pot of gold.
    • Tiny dewdrops are falling like rain and its even biting in Dhaka where the temperature was around 11-14 degree Celsius.
    • Conway infuses percussion, and Leslie sprinkles mandolin lines like dewdrops as Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson doubles Sanders' hypnotic melody line with his flute.
    • In general, however, the restorers have done nothing but good, and this is the best chance yet to hear Dylan's acoustic guitar glistening like dewdrops in a cobweb on Girl From the North Country.
    • Now the advantage of early morning light and sparkling dewdrops is offset by the fact that I'll have to lie down in the damp grass to get a good angle.
    • It's then that I take time out to fill it, time on my own to discover new jewels that will enhance its sparkle, fresh dewdrops to replenish my pool.
    • There is a massive gap between the ideology of party activists and the views of those hundreds and thousands of potential voters who think being kind to cuddly animals is A Good Thing but disapprove of scattering dioxins like dewdrops.
    • Some reduction sauce from his noisy devouring of the asado steak sticks to his hoary beard and glistens like a dewdrop.
    • And before we knew it, the sun came out and the puddles dried, leaving only dewdrops and maybe a rainbow.
    • Where dewdrops grow on morning leaves and petals, marking their territory with a shimmer and dance to lure the dreamy colors to wake up into a bright new day.
    • One morning in meditation a thought arose in my consciousness: ‘Is a dewdrop sacred, or is it secular?’
    • Monarch butterflies that winter in California's Pismo Beach, especially males that had a demanding day, search out dewdrops as a water source.
    • And since we know from experience that newborn newness is as temporary as a dewdrop we are making the most of it, short of keeping the little sleepies awake too long.
    • As the cool morning air filled his lungs he took a deep breath and smelled the scent of early dewdrops covering the forest ground.
    • A buttery shaft of sun slants through a stand of leafy chestnut trees, dappling a family of cottontails which has crept onto the 12th fairway to lick dewdrops from the English rye.
    • Early-morning dewdrops are on the clover plants just outside my home.
    • As he writes of one of his characters, ‘Calcutta is his universe; like a dewdrop, it holds within it the light and colours of the entire world.’