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Pronunciación /ˈdaɪ(ə)lɪn/


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    • The advent and proliferation of broadband Internet access brought unbelievable performance gains: no more waiting for the dial-in process, faster navigation and quicker downloads.
    • The most common technologies here are LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) and Radius (remote authentication dial-in user service).
    • For example, George believes that external communications (e.g., dial-in access and wireless communications) should probably be encrypted.
    • I had reformatted my computer and lost the dial-in number.
    • A console server with a modem attached can support a number of system consoles through a single dial-in connection.
    • As the Geobytes staff points out below, I can roll up my sleeves and redirect the dial-in spammers.
    • He admitted that ‘the email attachment contained a hidden computer script that reset the dial-in telephone number in the user's WebTV box to 9-1 - 1.’
    • Remote-access systems with weak access controls: Hackers frequently bypass firewalls and access controls through remote access points such as dial-in servers by simply dialing directly into a server.
    • Registrants will receive a packet of information and dial-in instructions.
    • You can connect a standard external modem to the PC Weasel and have dial-in access to the computer - not just the running operating system, but the whole machine.
    • Members will be able to purchase 500-mile upgrades on the Internet or via a dial-in system for $25 per upgrade compared with $30 if done at the airport or through reservations.
    • Most racetracks have a small dial-in board that is visible from the burnout area for this purpose.
    • When in-band management connections are not possible, then the console server provides dial-in connectivity to a system's consoles providing for reconfiguring or simply rebooting devices to return them to operation.
    • After selecting a dial-in number via an integrated MCI access manager and establishing a modem connection, users are prompted for user name, password and soft-token PIN.
    • The servers also use PCAnywhere 8.0 for remote dial-in support, as well as the MKS UNIX command line simulator.
    • It also includes setting up dial-in clients, e-mail aliases, masquerading and list servers.
    • I've used Analog for several years, first on a FreeBSD system; I was a dial-in customer curious about my personal web pages.
    • When I did get through to tech support, they suggested an alternate dial-in number that never did work.
    • ‘We've web-enabled our ‘On-Line II’ direct dial-in service so dealers can access our inventory with a computer,’ Navarre said.
    • When you plan a very small ISP site or corporate network with a small number of dial-in users, it may be useful to deploy Linux as a remote access server.
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