Traducción de dialogue en Español:


diálogo, n.

(US dialog)

Pronunciación /ˈdʌɪəlɒɡ//ˈdaɪəˌlɔɡ//ˈdaɪəˌlɑɡ/


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    diálogo masculino
    • Sixth, the sound editing pumps up the volume for the bad music, but leaves crucial dialogue barely audible.
    • In particular, it is a film full of talk, and most especially a film of dialogues: two characters isolated, whether in an apartment, or during a party, or at a racecourse.
    • The dialogue in this film is as sharp as anything you will find on screen.
    • We can understand French, but with films sometimes the dialogue is so fast that you miss something.
    • What is delicious about this film is the witty clever dialogue that is distinctly Wilde.
    • The film's dialogue is clear and distortion free.
    • Winterbottom emphasises that although the dialogue in the film is improvised, every scenario was organised.
    • Watch it for the sharp and witty dialogue written by series creator Caron.
    • The episode is low on physical action, but high in snappy dialogue.
    • He read all the books and I do mean all and could recite large passages of film dialogue by heart.
    • On top of all this, there is some amazingly clunky dialogue that must be heard to be believed.
    • There is little dialogue in the film, but the visuals speak for themselves.
    • The great thing about the dialogue in comic books is that you don't have to hear it spoken aloud.
    • The actors bounce around the stage, infusing the occasionally stilted dialogue with raw physicality.
    • Though far from perfect, and full of impenetrable dialogues, the film nonetheless has a certain visceral urgency.
    • However, the actors and direction are very impressive, and there's some snappy, witty dialogue.
    • A series of ads for Borden dairy products featured dialogues between Elsie the cow and her blustering husband Elmer.
    • There isn't much spoken out loud in the film, even though we retained nearly all the dialogue from the book.
    • Does he seriously believe that films with fiery dialogues could motivate the public to react against all injustice happening in society?
    • I was out buying popcorn while the opening credits of Dil Chahta Hai rolled, so I missed the name of the person who wrote the dialogues for this film.
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    • 2.1(communication)

      diálogo masculino
      the president called for a resumption of dialogue el presidente pidió la reanudación del diálogo
      • Women in Australia are also promoting inter-religious dialogue.
      • The government, while it had opened a dialogue with his captors, could never be seen to negotiate with terrorists.
      • Jakarta now needs to take the lead and continue the dialogue begun in Geneva to ensure a lasting peace.
      • The United States has been urging both China and Taiwan to resume cross-strait dialogue.
      • The suggestions included promoting domestic political harmony and resuming constructive dialogue with China.
      • I never had a dialogue with them throughout this process, though our manager did.
      • He has promoted inter-religious dialogue by breaking new ground.
      • The border problem cannot be sorted out in one visit but meaningful dialogues have been initiated.
      • If that relationship is to be rescued now, the government needs to set its dialogue with business on much more honest foundations.
      • We're not just wanting a dialogue with the government-we need the government to move towards us.
      • I mean, we set in place two levels of security dialogue between the two sides.
      • Instead, you should see the opening-up of a dialogue with your boss as the chance to keep on negotiating.
      • In this situation, never has a dialogue among civilizations been more urgent.
      • Without direct dialogue with students on this question, it is difficult to say.
      • The overall effect of the changes described above has been to allow firms to re-enter a direct dialogue with each of their customers.
      • In fact, the very existence of the disputes calls for closer policy dialogue between Japan and China.
      • A clear and simplified mechanism will facilitate a closer dialogue between all parties involved in the running of the sport.
      • Foreign secretary level talks between India and Pakistan to resume the composite dialogue were concluded today.
      • What we want to do is continue the dialogue with fishermen.
      • The teacher created an ongoing dialogue about universal issues such as friendship, empathy, kindness, and helpfulness.

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      debate masculino