Traducción de diatonic en Español:


diatónico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌdʌɪəˈtɒnɪk//ˌdaɪəˈtɑnɪk/


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    • As Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist exercises strengthen the fingers through varying linear progressions, Jazz Chord Hanon moves sequentially through diatonic and chromatic scales and progressions from three through five voices.
    • The fingering indicated is performed easily by a student with modest hand size and capitalizes on diatonic scale patterns.
    • Harmonically, the added notes are needed to provide a major or minor triad for each note of the diatonic scale.
    • In music, India gave to the world her system of notation, with the seven cardinal notes and the diatonic scale, all of which we enjoyed as early as 350 B.C., while it came to Europe only in the eleventh century.
    • Like the diatonic scale, it may begin on any degree.