Traducción de Dictaphone en Español:


dictáfono, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪktəfəʊn//ˈdɪktəˌfoʊn/


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    dictáfono masculino marca registrada
    • He lives at home, and spends his free time ‘singing into my Dictaphone for hours on end’ documenting ‘every last detail of my life, in scrapbooks as well’.
    • Isabelle had lunch with Mark to persuade him against writing the book but was angered when she discovered he had recorded their conversation and threw his Dictaphone into a fish tank.
    • Well, by the age of 13, Craig David was already scribbling down lyrics and recording melodies on his Dictaphone.
    • I had to turn my Dictaphone off when he came into the bar, but if my memory serves me right he'd just done 14 years for some kind of seriously painful crime.
    • With each new innovation - the telephone, the Dictaphone, the tape recorder - technology enthusiasts have declared the end of penmanship.