Traducción de diehard en Español:


intransigente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdaɪˌhɑrd//ˈdʌɪhɑːd/


  • 1

    intransigente femenino
    (republican/conservative) (before noun) intransigente
    (conservative/republican) (before noun) acérrimo
    • With the support from their diehard fans, Rangers are confident they are really set for something big this season.
    • Many feel the capture of their leader will provoke diehard terrorists into wreaking ever more horrific reprisals.
    • Even the most diehard sceptic might concede a pattern here.
    • If implications of later violence are not enough to sway the diehard smackers, let's look at its effectiveness.
    • This diehard adventure enthusiast carried out another jump - this time over the North Pole.
    • So, whether you're a diehard activist or a political newbie, The Times has a lot in store.
    • Yes, I know, I'm a diehard conservative and was part of the majority that greased his way into the White House.
    • It became the home of the most diehard opposition to colonialism in the Arab world.
    • They have no chairman, no money and only a few hundred diehard supporters who turn up more in hope than expectation.
    • Twenty minutes of watching the diehard clubbers doing their frenzied thing on the floor and we're ready to leave.
    • As any diehard salesman will tell you, overcoming people's objections for not wanting to buy is the biggest test you will face.
    • Over at the unofficial Memories of Elvis store are two of his most diehard fans.
    • Dorothy was a diehard lefty in life and I'm sure her estate will see to it that her wishes for the portrayal of her characters are observed.
    • A diehard businesswoman, it took her two decades to embrace this lifestyle.
    • He's a diehard loyalist and a campaigner known for his inimitable style.
    • His Zapa isn't a pure young man who becomes corrupted, nor is he a diehard crook who adores the effrontery of becoming a policeman.
    • The simple fact is that I'm a diehard romantic, and I dream in soft-focus just as much as the next person standing in the cold bus queue.
    • But the key to winning the elections will be whether they can mobilize their diehard supporters.
    • Most who weren't diehard Christians were dying to get out once they realized they were surrounded by Pentecostals.
    • The video clip of his on-air collapse remains a cherished keepsake of diehard skeptics.