Traducción de digital frame en Español:

digital frame

marco digital, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdɪdʒɪtl ˈfreɪm/


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    marco digital masculino
    • Able to show off numerous pictures - one at a time and slide-show style - a digital frame can store up to 100 images.
    • And framers should take note, because the digital frame could affect the future of the framing industry in more ways than one.
    • Passing through time is a slideshow of photos I uploaded recently onto a digital frame.
    • In addition, framers might consider offering their wares to the digital frame companies and forming some type of agreement.
    • Called the Vizit, the sleek device is prettier and more powerful than the cheap digital frames we have seen lining the shelves at CVS and Costco.
    • But an increasing number of people can afford a smaller version of these digital frames.
    • Slow modem connections represent another difficulty which may prevent consumers from flocking to buy digital frames this year.
    • And the number of digital frame users is growing.
    • "I think digital frames could be an exciting new opportunity for growth for custom framers," said Wenner.
    • Finally, the cost of digital frames can be restrictive.
    • While digital frames are certainly a hit among buyers, there are limitations to the nifty little product.
    • Users can sort through thousands of images, select their favorite pieces and download them to their digital frame.
    • Pictures from a digital camera, for instance, can be transferred through the PC to any digital frame in the house.
    • So at the time, creatively, I felt like I was in a digital frame.
    • With digital frame grabbers, the goal is to ensure that the digital image data from the camera is formatted properly prior to passing it onto the PC for processing.