Traducción de diligence en Español:


diligencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪlɪdʒ(ə)ns//ˈdɪlədʒəns/


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    diligencia femenino
    • The Respondents agreed to exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence in the performance of the services set out in their respective agreements.
    • What he does is simply a job requiring diligence, perseverance and a dash of good fortune.
    • Some of these duties relate to care and diligence, acting in the best interests of the company, and a duty to prevent insolvent trading.
    • It does require diligence and dedication; therefore it cannot be approached cavalierly.
    • These duties must be carried out with reasonable care and diligence.
    • Issues of due care, failures of diligence and malfeasance have been raised.
    • It takes constant training, constant oversight, constant diligence.
    • Even the teachers at grade school praised him for his perseverance and diligence.
    • What distinguished him was his extraordinary care and diligence in maintaining a meticulous filing system.
    • During this time she has been a friendly ear to the many children at the school while her efficiency and diligence remains a constant comfort to parents.
    • So I've been throwing myself at it with profound diligence, concentrating like some kind of concentrating ninja on the task in hand.
    • The practice of democracy is tenuous and fragile - it requires ongoing attention and diligence.
    • They are meant to act with skill, care and diligence, at the same time observing high standards of market conduct.
    • Reliance does not relieve directors of their responsibilities but does show care and diligence.
    • This means that it must act with reasonable care and diligence: for example, it must collect the cheque promptly.
    • He also sought to impart a philosophy of diligence, persistence, and excellence.
    • It's all just going to take diligence and persistence and we've got plenty of that.
    • If he or she was guilty of no want of diligence and used every effort to secure the appearance of the accused man, it might be proper to remit it entirely.
    • There he revealed those qualities of moderation, diligence, and attention to detail which were to characterize his political life.
    • Consequently, effort and diligence were not always explicitly known.