Traducción de dilute en Español:


diluir, v.

Pronunciación /dɪˈl(j)uːt//daɪˈlut//dʌɪˈl(j)uːt//dəˈlut/

verbo transitivo

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    (liquid/concentrate) diluir
    • The aim is to develop epoxy systems that can be diluted in water - for ease of cleaning - without compromising chemical resistance and cure rate.
    • When you put water or lemon juice or otherwise dampen the fabric, the fibers absorb the liquid and the stain; the water can also dilute and spread the stain to a larger area.
    • A team of chemists in Korea found that when certain substances are diluted in water, the molecules clump together instead of getting further apart, as common sense would suggest.
    • They are priced at £1.99 for 500 ml and must be diluted with water - delicious either hot or cold.
    • Bass in particular are known to favour areas where the salinity of the salt water has been diluted by the fresh water.
    • The result is a coffee concentrate that can be diluted with water to taste and then heated or iced as you wish.
    • Dyes using acetone or alcohol solvents can be diluted with water also.
    • It was and is diluted with water to make the beverage.
    • Syra is diluted with water and ingested or used as a marinade or preservative for meat and other food.
    • If the higher concentration is used, it should be diluted appropriately with sterile water.
    • To prevent this, the wastewater must be released below the ocean surface, where it can mix and be diluted with ocean water before coming into contact with the atmosphere.
    • On the other hand, people feel thirsty and drink much more water, which dilutes the gastric fluid and lowers its acidity.
    • Otherwise, they absorb too much water, diluting that intense strawberry flavor.
    • Good choices for fruit juices, which should be diluted 50 percent with water, are black cherry, blueberry or prune.
    • Incredibly sweet and sirupy, with a strong grape taste, saba can be diluted in water or wine to make an excellent drink, or poured on ice-cream or fruit for dessert.
    • Old time gun makers stained their stocks with aqua fortis, a combination of nitric acid diluted with distilled water and iron filings.
    • Distilled water dilutes and lowers the buffer capacity of your tank.
    • Water dilutes, dissolves and helps eliminate toxins and trash that could otherwise inhibit immune function, muscle recovery and growth.
    • In Greece the exceptional character of the meal was stressed by the drinking of undiluted wine, for in normal circumstances wine was always diluted with water.
    • When using washing-machine water, combine the rinse-cycle water with the wash-cycle water to dilute the detergent and bleaching agents.
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    (criticism) atenuar
    • His friends saw him as the only senior Labor politician who was not prepared to dilute core party values and views.
    • Corrupt practices dilute the gamut of restrictions and the fear of punishment.
    • But there is the danger that composers writing for amateurs may feel forced to dilute their musical language, to compromise their artistic integrity on the altar of accessibility.
    • The undermining of the authority of medicine dilutes the doctor-patient relationship and reconstructs it as a partnership of equals, thereby neutralising the expertise required for cure.
    • After supporting my education reforms, he now wants to dilute them.
    • The latter option, aside from being a political non-starter, would also dilute the high quality of the all-volunteer force.
    • On the one hand, scientists have often accused the mass media of distorting and diluting their work by trying to make it more accessible.
    • In addition, it will dilute its holding in the present subsidiary.
    • But time has clearly diluted its adventurous edge, and some of its elements feel merely quirky.
    • An international coalition of pressure groups said last night the contents of the deal were so diluted that they were meaningless.
    • In many cases, these compromises dilute the impact of the proposed reform, often postponing major changes until a later date.
    • Further, one has to ensure the contents of the scriptures are not diluted.
    • It encourages innovations so long as these do not dilute the original style and value.
    • There are many offences for which any element of stigma is diluted almost to vanishing point, as with speeding on the roads, illegal parking, riding a bicycle without lights, or dropping litter.
    • This cross contamination could dilute estimates of benefit.
    • Grade compression, however, dilutes the value of the information and forces employers and others to substitute more time consuming and possibly less reliable metrics.
    • Its difficulty leads to a temptation to dilute the hard academic material with non-physics elements, as you pointed out.
    • In this case the Court emphatically confirmed the direct effect of regulations and criticized any attempt by a Member State to alter or dilute the requirements of a Community regulation.
    • But record labels will insist on keeping CDs in the charts because downloaders buy such a broad range of content they dilute the marketing push behind new artists - which labels need to survive.
    • A good point, and one that developers must address before the value of tags are diluted into irrelevance.


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