Traducción de ding en Español:


abolladura, n.



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    abolladura femenino
    abollón masculino coloquial
    • It had a few scrapes and dings on it, so I had to get those taken care of before it goes back to the dealership at the end of the lease in 5 days.
    • After a stealth aircraft flies, maintenance workers must recoat the skin, repairing the tiny dings and burrs that increase the craft's radar signature.
    • While you were drinking the coffee, the dealer's helpers were wetting down the merchandise, giving a false impression of good luster and camouflaging the dings.
    • It started as a little ding and the machine's constant vibration keeps making it worse.
    • You stop the dents and the dings in your own garage, but what about in the parking lot?
    • The report we got back was that there were 25 small dings.
    • And with the exception of a few dings and dents, it looks pretty much the way it did when it rolled off the line on July 11, 1960.
    • The Stanley Cup has suffered dents and dings and, no doubt, it has been a witness to wondrous - and scandalous - things while being passed from hand to hand at bars and parties around the world.
    • At the very end of the line I saw a woman with a little paint brush in hand examining each machine that came out of the inspection tower for any dings in the paint.
    • Your nails will catch in scratches, dings and cracks that your fingertips won't feel.
    • While you can bang out the dents and dings somewhat on the track, there will also be a certain amount of destruction to you vehicle that's just irreparable.
    • Does it show signs of obvious abuse, such as dents, dings, or heavy scratches?
    • All right, so the question is, as this data continues to flow in, and engineers are assessing what sort of dings and dents might have occurred, many reporters are asking the question, how serious is it?
    • Photographs show the shuttle's protective tiles has about 25 dings in it.
    • Often they bounce around on a truck seat, or maybe ride in a saddle scabbard all day strapped to an unruly mustang, acquiring numerous dings and dents.
    • It must be smooth, clean and free from cracks and dings.
    • My car has a few scrapes and dings on it that I need to take care of in the next couple of months.
    • Damage modeling is limited to minor dings and bumps.
    • I thought he was going to have another ding at Rob and his arms were everywhere.
    • Additionally, there was no forearm to protect the tubular magazine from dents and dings.
    • The four-ply seams won't tear or unravel, and the soft but tough 1-inch tie-downs won't put dings or scratches on your boat's hull.