Traducción de dinkum en Español:


auténtico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪŋkəm//ˈdɪŋkəm/


inglés de Australia

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    (article) auténtico
    (article) genuino
    (person) de primera
    • It's also great fun listening out for all the dinkum Aussie accents amongst the talented cast.
    • It is light and satisfying, the flakiness - the result of using real butter, unbleached flour and no preservatives - is the dinkum deal.
    • Which was just as well, really - for as every dinkum Aussie knows, booing the Prime Minister at sporting events is the Australian way.
    • By the time I arrived scenes reminiscent of the end of World War II were already underway, but I interrupted the spontaneous dancing to grab these quotes from dinkum Aussies who have been doing it tough.
    • I was getting more dinkum vernacular from the host than the callers.