Traducción de dinner service en Español:

dinner service

vajilla, n.

(dinner set)


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    vajilla femenino
    • A huge dinner service, the wedding gift of Kaiser William II, the tsar's cousin, will also be on display.
    • Teenager Alison finds a dusty dinner service in the loft of her Welsh holiday home.
    • They seemed rather stiff, as if they had just received some bad news, and she didn't seem much happier when I gave her the note but she told me to bring the dinner set to her.
    • Old photographs are transferred in blue glaze to a dinner service which is now in use in her family.
    • It was part of a depleted dinner service that I've had since university, and which has seen better days.
    • Among the more unusual pieces were plates and other items from a dinner service decorated with a coronet and the letter ‘B’.
    • In 1877 John Mackay had hired Tiffany & Co. of New York City to make a silver dinner service for his wife.
    • From the moment Alison discovers the dinner service in the attic, with its curious pattern of floral owls, a chain of events is set in progress that is to affect everybody's lives.
    • His work for Meissen included the supervision of the decoration of the dinner service presented by Friedrich August of Saxony to the Duke of Wellington (c. 1820; London, Apsley House).
    • Later dessert flatware, whether matching the dinner service or not, often had extra embellishment in the form of gilding and/or engraving.
    • After we had cleared most of the dinner service, I noticed that my sink was draining slowly.
    • In an intriguing story of intertwining histories, 120 pieces from a magnificent dinner service ordered for George III have found their way to Britain.
    • After spending thousands on the moving process, the last thing people will want to do when moving to their new home is spend even more on replacing their valuables - whether it is their best dinner service, a DVD, jewellery or antiques.
    • Then mix equal parts from each tube and form into a knife shape, using a metal fork from your first-class dinner service (or a metal spoon you carry aboard) for the handle.
    • The dinner service seems to be a victim of the demise of the dining room.
    • Items including paintings worth £5,000, a tailor's dummy; an antique dinner service and even a pet goat have been discovered by new home owners.
    • Arranged all around it was a complete dinner set in Samian ware - four plates, four cups and four dishes, and a Samian serving dish.
    • In January 1866 the retailer E. V. Haughwout hired Lycett to paint additional pieces of the Lincoln dinner service for President Andrew Johnson.
    • After hearing a scratching noise in the attic, the fragile, recently bereaved Alison discovers a dinner service imprinted with flowered owls.
    • We can't wait to invite our friends around for dinner and test-run our new dinner service.