Traducción de dip en Español:


Pronunciación /dɪp//dɪp/

verbo transitivodipped, dipping

  • 1

    to dip sth in(to) sth meter algo en algo
    • he dipped his hand into the bag metió la mano en la bolsa
    • he dipped his bread in the milk mojó el pan en la leche
    • dip it in flour páselo por harina
    • Patience mixed with excitement as people moved through the process of voting, dipping their fingers in a purple ink to mark them as having voted.
    • The woman constantly dipped her fingers into water to moisten the flax and keep it from breaking.
    • The supermarkets demand that all bananas must be dipped in fungicide.
    • She dipped it in the salty water, cringing, and moved it back and forth, spreading the blood.
    • The membrane is then dipped into a solution containing the probes for the gene which is being sought.
    • Following each five piercings, the needle was dipped into a small vial containing 0 • 1 mL chloroform.
    • But I had never put on paints before, so I moved with slow caution, slowly dipping the brush into red lip paint.
    • You will have spent the last two months collecting pine cones of uniform size and dipping them in gold paint (they're 10 for a pound in Matalan, but that's not the point).
    • Minna demonstrates how to gather glass by dipping a pencil into a jar of honey; although it's much heavier, molten glass drips and flows in a similar way.
    • Artist Tatsuo Majima creates ‘Tempura Venus’ by dipping a miniature of Venus de Milo in tempura batter and then deep frying it.
    • When a test strip is dipped in yam sap, the sap will move along the strip, binding with antibodies that react with viruses.
    • Have each child dip his hand in brown paint on press onto one side of the paper.
    • Test strips have a double square design and can be read 15 seconds after dipping into the wound fluid.
    • His magnificent arc of a brush had been dipped in white paint.
    • As per the story, chefs dipping fingers into their culinary creations to test them, still wearing jewellery while cooking, not wiping down chopping boards between meats etc., you get to see it all.
    • Thetis gives birth to a son, Achilles, whom she attempts to make immortal by dipping him in the magical waters of the River Styx.
    • The darts, sharpened at one end, are dipped in the poisonous sap of the curare tree to produce an anaesthetic effect upon the victim.
    • He splits a hot pretzel and gives her half, which she dips into warm cheese sauce.
    • Leaves are picked off the vine, washed, and dipped briefly in boiling water.
    • The printer first dips the block in the colour and places it on the fabric.
  • 2

    (sheep) (haciendo pasar por un baño) desinfectar
    • She said the black-faced sheep of the moors will need shearing later this month and farmers face a logistical nightmare of how to shear and dip their livestock if they cannot move them off the moors.
    • Twenty-one sheep were dipped to free them from attached ticks, and liberated on the central area.
    • In particular, we are concerned that some farmers have been using unauthorised chemicals to dip sheep or letting freshly dipped sheep access streams.
    • In fact every sheep, whatever its age, would be dipped in a plunge bath containing the correct solution of a ministry approved scab dip.
  • 3

    • 3.1(lower)

      (head) agachar
      (head) bajar
      the ship dipped its flag in salute el barco saludó con la bandera
      • She dipped her head, sniffed the ground and then moved into the cave.
      • The sailors let out a lusty cheer and one of the planes dipped his wings in reply.
      • He dipped his muzzle downwards, slowly, closing his eyes for a brief moment in remnants of a formality that was not welcome.
      • Once you learn the basics you can get creative with hot hip movements, low dips and fast spins.
      • Again, this fish just dipped the float and did not move off.
      • It was as if the plane was dipping its wings in greeting to the 1.25 million people assembled below.

    • 3.2British

      to dip one's headlights bajar las luces

verbo intransitivodipped, dipping

  • 1

    • 1.1(decrease)

      (sales/prices) bajar
      • It is expected that the country's population will dip below five million by 2017.
      • The Met Office issued a severe weather warning predicting temperatures would dip below freezing overnight leading to icy stretches on untreated roads.
      • Margins will dip slightly ‘below the midpoint of the 50 per cent range’ thanks to increased Flash inventory.
      • However, Cresson's popularity immediately began to dip, as did Mitterrand's own ratings once the temporary boost of the Gulf War disappeared.
      • The California company had only predicted single-digit growth in its US retail PC business, but sales still dipped below expectations.
      • Who'll be the next target when Schroeder's popularity starts dipping again?
      • India's grain stocks dipped to about 39 million tonne by June 1, from 64.72 million a year ago.
      • The first is aimed at those who cannot afford for the value of the fund to dip below the amount of cash initially invested.
      • Yet, there are enough Labour rebels that if the margin of victory dips below the triple digits and gets anywhere close to 50, the pressure on Blair to give way to Brown will be great.
      • On this basis the corporation could still claim to be providing a service that most people want and value highly, even if the figures for audience share dipped below 30 per cent.
      • Many companies have been severely criticized because they often reprice options when a stock dips so low in value that the options are ‘deep out of the money.’
      • The amount may dip to a tiny fraction of a percent if the idea represents a slight improvement in an established product, such as a better knob in a car.
      • It is not just the AFL that's encountered a spot of turbulence with audience numbers dipping for last weekend's first round of finals.
      • Enrollment has dropped for several years, dipping below 430 in August.
      • European mobile telecom stocks dipped on Tuesday morning after Finnish bellwether Nokia said that fourth quarter sales may fall below expectations.
      • Shares of Sun dipped slightly to $3.80 at the time of this report.
      • Temperatures were again expected to dip below freezing tonight but by tomorrow a slow thaw is expected.
      • One interesting fact here is that it seems that there is a floor effect with the ratio never dipping below 5.
      • When carbohydrate content of the diet dipped below 200 kcal, T3 levels fell substantially.
      • When Jordan was injured and missed most of the 1985-1986 season, Nike's stock dipped.

    • 1.2(move downward)

      (bird/aircraft) bajar en picada
      (aircraft/bird) bajar en picado España
      (aircraft/bird) picarse México
      the sun dipped below the horizon el sol desapareció / se escondió tras el horizonte

    • 1.3(slope)

      (land) descender
      (land) bajar
      • The two stood in silence while the sun slowly dipped down below the horizon.
      • The path suddenly dipped very steeply down a sandy bank among tall grasses.
      • In the final scene the camera follows the course of a wire down a telephone pole and out to the fellow's tombstone where it dips into the earth and apparently down to his casket.
      • By the third day on the road, they had fallen into a pleasing routine, switching drivers every couple hours and setting up camp when the sun started dipping below the western horizon.
      • We enjoyed relaxing on a bench in the grounds in the afternoon, watching the swallows dipping down from the eaves and flying low over the immaculate lawn.
      • The sun had dipped behind the pines on the hill crests.
      • When Cassiopeia rose above the horizon the Southern Cross dipped below, and when the Cross rose again Cassiopeia disappeared.
      • The gum collar dips downwards on the inner and outer surface of each tooth but rises between the teeth.
      • The sun had dipped below the horizon much earlier, but it was a warm night for the end of September so the carnival stayed busy until its closing at nine o'clock.
      • Moving back and forth over the bridge, the camera will dip wildly and sink if the exact center focal point of the camera is not fixed on the bridge.
      • Suddenly the singer's face dips into her hands and her voice chokes.
      • I moved the weights to the front, staring straight ahead into the mirror, watching closely to make sure that my arms didn't dip or drop.
      • In the final minute of the half, O'Neill's mazy run and cheeky chip deserved a goal, but the ball didn't dip in time to drop under the bar.
      • For example, an interesting notice to mariners indicates the point at which the pole star dips below the horizon and thus is no longer visible.
      • The sun started to dip below the clouds and the sky was turning a nice orange and yellow color.
      • From June 6 to July 7 the sun never sets, Peter says, dipping to the horizon then rising once more high overhead.
      • A kingfisher added colour, swallows dipped and wheeled, and the second cast of a March Brown produced a lovely threequarter-pound trout.
      • Fatty's shoulders dip downwards and Shannon just watches her sister cry with a blank expression.
      • And at long last, the sun finally dipped below the horizon.

  • 2coloquial, infantil

    (al ritmo de una canción infantil) echar suertes
    • The difficulty of dipping a pocket mainly depends on how tight it is, and front pockets are often looser than hip pockets.
    • The loser is likely to dip out of the eight with one round left to play.
    • The second pair again one was the getter-in-the-way standing right by the doors so that other passengers had to stand that much closer to his mate who did the pocket dipping.
    • In A Ward, former mayor Alan Brown, mayor in the late '90s before dipping out at the ‘99 election, is back in the saddle.
    • Crime reduction leaflets had also been distributed, warning people about leaving doors unlocked, purse dipping and car key burglaries.
    • Commentators sympathised with Capriati, saying she had an unfortunate habit of getting close in the big ones, then dipping out.
    • South Africa dipped out of the tournament so long ago - in a quarter-final defeat to New Zealand - it is easy to forget the sort of impact van Niekerk made.


  • 1coloquial

    chapuzón masculino coloquial
    to take a dip darse un chapuzón coloquial
    • The little dots in the foreground are some of my colleagues, taking a quick dip in the briny water.
    • There will also be an opportunity for the guests to fly kites, take a dip in the sea or the resort pool.
    • We would rob the tallest mango trees in the colony of their ripest mangos and often dive into the nearby canal for a cool dip.
    • Instead I had a quick dip in the pool, showered and raced for the airport.
    • Or will they have a dip in the hotel pool, with the bar close by?
    • ‘Maybe after we're done we'll head over to my house and go for a dip in my pool,’ Benny said.
    • You can also take part in the exercise programmes which run in the gym throughout the day, or take a dip in the pool.
    • And he enjoys the occasional dip to this day - when the weather is warm enough.
    • Swimmers saw in the New Year by taking an icy dip in the River Wharfe and an equally chilly plunge into White Wells bath-house.
    • Imagine the sun basking down on you over the past week with a pool nearby to take a dip and cool off in whenever you liked.
    • Tugging it off, I laid it down beside the water and jumped in for a refreshing dip.
    • University of Florida researchers have confirmed what avid swimmers already know: A dip in the pool works up an appetite.
    • Who among us does not enjoy a dip in a cool lake after a long portage or hike?
    • We enjoyed a sandy off-road diversion and the briefest of dips in the North Atlantic, with its warming Gulf Stream magic.
    • Glorious sunshine greeted swimmers taking their first dip of the season in Highworth's open air pool.
    • Josh and Elizabeth discussed directions and then Josh happily took a quick dip in the water.
    • Barbara and Shane went for an early afternoon dip in the open air pool.
    • Now swimming of course can be anything; it could mean going down to the beach and having a bit of a dip, doing lap swimming, or just throwing yourself into the water occasionally.
    • You can enjoy a complimentary dip in the pool plus a glass of draught beer, and kids can have soft drinks and snacks.
    • Since the voluntary cleaning of this pool there has been a marked interest in taking a dip.
  • 2

    baño desinfectante masculino
    • Hydro-carbon compounds in the dip would cause plastic containers to bulge and explode.
    • But if cypermethrin in the dip leaks into local burns, it can kill insects and fish.
    • Keep the sheep immersed in the dip for one minute or as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • 3

    (depression, hollow)
    hondonada femenino
    • Continuing, he explained that because of the bumps and dips in the road, people are often forced to cross over the road to avoid the bumps and pointed out that obviously, this could have disastrous results.
    • The wind is blowing in our favour, but Kent points out dips and hollows we must avoid because the breeze there could swirl up and send our scent out to alert any deer above.
    • As the resolution of the normal eye in broad daylight is about one minute of arc, this dip is an easily visible angle.
    • Surface flow normally begins in just a few areas, especially dips or hollows near the stream.
    • Leaving the road, they climbed another hill and found a small dip at the bottom that would be good for sleeping.
    • Passing through this dip on a particular turn, I lost control, braked and fell.
    • Cory took several of the fruits and dropped them onto the bowl he'd made in his shirt, and I followed him as he walked over to a dip in the ground.
    • Rainwater routinely collects in a dip under Waddington Road Bridge during extreme weather because of drainage problems.
    • That causes a curvature of the light path, which reduces the dip (usually by about 7%).
    • It is a land of undulating hills and hollows, dips and drumlins, rivers, inlets, estuaries and lakes, dotted with homes and barns.
    • Just after the bottom of the hill however we slammed into a slight dip in the slope.
    • The Air America pilot who came to check out the airstrip gave it his OK despite a dip in the middle and an uphill slope to the whole strip.
    • He requested that the dangerous dip be taken out of the road at White's Cross, Lower Meelick and that the ditches be cut back to improve visibility at this junction.
    • We specifically avoided the usual low-frequency reactions to a dip in the road by providing highly controlled ride motions.
    • A dip in the road sends us both bouncing up off our seats.
    • Each dip and trough of the uneven ground caused her to lurch forward in her seat and rattled her to the core.
    • As we reached the dip before the main road away from the lake, the car slid into an embankment.
    • At the end of a stand of trees, there was a slight dip, and at the bottom of that dip stood a white stone building.
    • From here on, the trail becomes easier to ride - a lot of switchbacks and steep dips, bottoming in hairpin turns.
    • Because the site is in a dip, below the level of Cheetham Hill Road which runs along its western side, some of the apartment blocks will be up to 15 storeys high.
    • Roaring down Main Street, Benson crossed a road and spilled his hot coffee in his lap when he hit the dip.
    • When the fore and back horizons are brought into line, the sextant reading is twice the angle of dip, assuming that the sextant is free from index error.
    • The new Mondeo has much greater suspension travel than the old car, making it extremely competent in dealing with sudden ridges or dips in the road.
  • 4

    • 4.1(in sales, production)

      caída femenino
      descenso masculino
      • With a quick dip of his left wing he easily dodged the shots aimed for him.
      • If we were in too much of a hurry to come down, we would greet you with a friendly dip of the wing.
      • Cheung's external stillness demonstrates just how she is able to convey a range of tamped-down emotions with the merest of movements - a dip of the head, a sashay of the hips.

    • 4.2magnetic dip

      inclinación (magnética) femenino

    • 4.3angle of dipGeología

      buzamiento masculino
      ángulo de inclinación masculino
      • Seismic reflection data from NW James Ross Island show maximum dips of 15 to the SE in the subsurface, indicating that the steep dips are confined to a zone close to the basin margin.
      • It is now commonly accepted that the dip of the steeper part of a listric normal fault is approximately 60 deg.
      • Whatever their origin, polygonal fault systems become less isotropic with increase in regional dip and are truly polygonal only when the regional dip is near horizontal.
      • This is due to poor exposure, shallow dip of the strata, and relatively few stratigraphic wells.

  • 5

    salsa para acompañar los diferentes bocaditos que se sirven con el aperitivo, en una fiesta etc
    • And even though it won't be exactly bean dip, it will be a tasty substitute.
    • The chickpea croquettes called falafel and the ever-popular chickpea dip, hummus, are both very good.
    • I have to go make homemade guacamole and sun-dried tomato dip, scarf down dinner, vacuum, shower and dress myself.
    • Davis starts off with snacks such as salsa and a spicy cheese dip.
    • The kids, meanwhile, munched happily on a pizza (frozen variety), pasta with tomato sauce and chips with a garlic mayonnaise dip.
    • He really loves them with a bit of bean dip on them.
    • I reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a container of French onion dip.
    • Check out a sample recipe for sweet onion cheese dip.
    • But for your next picnic, forget about all of the mayonaissy salads and all the chips and dip and fried foods, and go for a healthy summer picnic.
    • Lili opted for mushroom soup: me for potato wedges with bacon and cheese and a garlic mayonnaise dip.
    • She had even brought extra toppings from home: sprinkles, chocolate sauce, nacho cheese dip, and salsa.
    • Be warned that the gentle pizza bread that arrives at all tables, along with a sprightly pesto dip, can ruin your appetite for the pizza to come.
    • The split pea and bacon soup was rich and flavourful, but I'd give the goat cheese and artichoke dip a miss - it was bland, and reminded me of those hollowed out goopy spinach dips you see at Christmas parties.
    • She also received a pile of salad the size of a small country and a creamy garlic dip.
    • The yoghurt dip tastes fine, not too nose-botheringly hot, but I'm not wild about its pairing with tofu.
    • We began with salmon roll sushi which was presented with the Wasabe and soy sauce dip.
    • Try mashing a handful of garbanzos with lemon juice for a quick chip dip.
    • This fresh and tasty dip can be eaten with veggies, or spread on toasted bread.
    • An unusually fluffed-up, subtle hummus dip has a clear, sesame ring to it.
    • A dressing of soured cream with dill and cucumber topped them off, along with a side dip of that hot chilli sauce - delicious and different.
  • 6EEUU

    bola femenino