Traducción de direct rule en Español:

direct rule

administración directa, n.


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    administración directa femenino
    • On March 24 the Heath government ended more than 50 years of unionist rule in Northern Ireland by introducing direct rule and suspending the province's Assembly.
    • This system of direct rule by proxy enraged the Unionist right and eventually unleashed a downward spiral of loyalist reaction and republican assertiveness.
    • Throughout the 1980s there were continued riots and protests to demand greater autonomy, as Jammu and Kashmir was subject to direct rule from the Union government in New Delhi.
    • Judge Brian Kelly, who had previously worked for the Unionist government before direct rule, praised Nelson and described him as a man who had shown ‘the greatest courage’.
    • Karabakh was placed under direct rule by Moscow, but tensions only escalated.
    • The agreement confirmed direct rule from Paris until 1998, while guaranteeing amnesty to a number of Kanak militants.
    • In Northern Ireland the Stormont Parliament was unilaterally suspended by the British government in 1972 and direct rule from London imposed.
    • In May 1987 the Akali Dal state government fell, and direct rule was again imposed.
    • In the aftermath of the war, however, with national liberation movements sweeping Asia, Washington calculated that direct rule was no longer viable.
    • The National Congress is opposed to the BJP plans to hold the upcoming state elections under direct rule from New Delhi rather than under the state administration.
    • The revolt did not win independence for Iraq, but it forced the British government to drop the hated ‘India Office’ policy of direct rule.
    • By January 1990 the Indian government imposed direct rule upon the areas of Kashmir under its control.
    • In social science, an Empire is usually distinguished from a State by the fact that it is a metropolitan core exercising direct rule or indirect hegemony over a range of subject territories or peoples.
    • Suspension and the restoration of direct rule from London was finally triggered by a raid on Sinn Fein's office in the Stormont home of the Assembly.
    • In response the Conservative government of Edward Heath imposed direct rule from London in March 1972.
    • The Arab revolt showed that direct rule was no longer a financially feasible proposition.
    • He was expected to declare the suspension of the government in Belfast, restoring direct rule over the province only two months after giving it up.
    • Weeks later, the British government imposed direct rule over the province.
    • Under direct rule from Westminster, all of this money is allocated and spent from London.
    • Insurgency and direct rule were hardly ideal, but stasis was preferable to innovation, and unionist creativity ossified.