Traducción de directorate en Español:


dirección, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈrɛkt(ə)rət//dɪˈrɛkt(ə)rət//dʌɪˈrɛkt(ə)rət/


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    (board of directors)
    dirección femenino
    directiva femenino
    consejo de administración masculino
    junta directiva femenino
    • With that cultural understanding will come a noticeable difference in the way the directorate helps personnel.
    • Conseco has no investment bankers, legal counsel, commercial bankers, or consultants doing business with the company on its board, nor are there any interlocking directorates.
    • He argues that the ‘mechanisms’ of the holding company and interlocking directorates vertically integrated each of the local industries to the U.S. sugar refining sector.
    • For instance, interlocking directorates linking firms have been reported to contribute to the spread of corporate acquisitions, poison pills, golden parachutes, and technological innovations.
    • Though legal, such interlocking directorates are not exactly good corporate governance.
    • In addition, we also controlled for board centrality in the network of interlocking directorates, measured as the natural log of the total number of non-duplicated ties between the focal board and all other boards in the larger sample.
    • The extensive research on interlocking directorates provides insight into the power dynamic associated with outside board membership.
    • Most think that acquisition behavior diffuses through the network of interlocking directorates.
    • The bank had four interlocking directorates with the utility.
    • When a corporation's management invites outsiders to sit on its board, it surrenders decision-making authority to them and often creates interlocking directorates with other firms.
    • Such companies developed elected directorates to enforce their rules, deal with disputes amongst their members, and negotiate with outsiders.
    • Prior research on interlocking directorates has focused on how overlapping board memberships can promote mimetic isomorphism in a population by facilitating the diffusion of individual policies and structures between firms.
    • Corporate networks are formed when the directors of some corporations sit on the boards of others, creating interlocking directorates.
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