Traducción de dirty en Español:


sucio, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdəːti//ˈdərdi/

adjetivodirtier, dirtiest

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (soiled) sucio
      (stained) manchado
      my hands are dirty tengo las manos sucias
      • a dirty mark una mancha
      • to get dirty ensuciarse
      • the floor is dirty el suelo está sucio
      • the kitchen was disgustingly dirty la cocina estaba sucísima / hecha un asco
      • he has very dirty habits es muy sucio
      • don't touch that, it's dirty no toques eso, que está sucio

    • 1.2informal (inclement)

      (weather/night) asqueroso coloquial
      (weather/night) de perros coloquial

  • 2

    • 2.1(obscene)

      (story/book) cochino coloquial
      (story/book) guarro España coloquial
      (leer/grin) lascivo
      (joke) verde
      (joke) colorado México
      (magazine) (invariable adjective) porno
      to have a dirty mind tener una mente de cloaca
      • you've got a really dirty laugh! te ríes como un viejo verde

    • 2.2(shameful)

      (job/work) sucio
      (secret) vergonzoso

    • 2.3informal (despicable)

      he's a dirty bastard es un hijo de puta vulgar slang
      • he played a dirty trick on me me hizo una guarrada
      • it's a dirty shame ¡qué mala pata!

    • 2.4(unfair)

      (tactics) sucio
      he's a dirty player juega sucio

  • 3

    (angry, accusing)
    a dirty look una mirada asesina

verbo transitivodirtying, dirties, dirtied

  • 1

    to dirty one's hands/clothes ensuciarse las manos/la ropa
    • Pigeons carry 60 very nasty diseases as well as ruining our buildings and dirtying our pavements with their droppings.
    • When baby dirties herself, clean her up right away.
    • Mud dragged out by vehicles and heavy machinery entering and exiting the site have also turned the road into a mudbath, dirtying cars and school busses using the route.
    • He told his secretary to run outside and dirty his shoes in the grass and mud.
    • Just one month ago, Caterina Bayes was so afraid of dirtying her spotless Colchester home, she refused to let relatives and friends across the doorstep.
    • The sins range from dirtying the floor with urine (usually by puppies or because they have not been taken outside because the owner is too busy or tired), barking, coming when called or greeting the owner with enthusiasm.
    • She accuses them of spoiling the sofa and dirtying the linen.
    • I dirty every pot and use the sink like a dumping ground.
    • Discarded cigarette butts strewn outside Mayo's pubs are dirtying our towns, according to a Mayo litter warden.
    • Wilbur came crawling out from his hiding spot with soot dirtying his face.
    • Further the render in the area close to the ground will be dirtied by splashes from the ground when it rains.
    • His short blond hair was dirtied by the soil and I could tell by the stench of the air that he was bleeding.
    • Pillars turning into arches kept the roof from falling on those who passed through the halls and the floor that once upon a time was solid now a muddy slush dirties everything it touches.
    • The banks were muddy and dirtied the boy's tunic even more as he knelt to wash the sweat from his face.
    • We dirty our streets, we break traffic rules, we torment women, we seek dowry, and we discard our old; we wait for our share of impending trouble.
    • It is a little walk down a muddy path but the waterfall is a sight worth dirtying your shoes for.
    • Herbs she planted too, though their names are lost to her daughters who have never liked to dirty their hands.
  • 2

    (reputation/record) manchar

verbo intransitivodirtying, dirties, dirtied

  • 1




  • 1

    • 1.1(unfairly)

      (fight/play) sucio

    • 1.2(indecently)

      to talk dirty decir guarradas España coloquial

  • 2Britanico argot

    dirty great tremendo