Traducción de dirty old man en Español:

dirty old man

viejo verde, n.



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    viejo verde masculino coloquial
    • Turns out they're not old pigs, or dirty old men.
    • I just finished a book about a dirty old man and a teenage girl who runs a hot porn site in Japan.
    • The decor is Hard Rock Cafe-ish, and basic business concepts seem to include loud music, a ‘party’ atmosphere and a crowd mixing young, hot girls and dirty old men.
    • Every day we marched off through the streets of Paris towards Montmartre, and every day Mr Douglas and Mr Townsend would be accosted by dirty old men who tried to drag them bodily into the sex cinemas.
    • He stuck out like a sore thumb… a dirty old man perving awkwardly over us and all the other girls in the club.
    • And it beats the names we give older men who date younger women: Perverts, dirty old men, gross.
    • But to the girls he was a dirty old man who, real or imaginary, insisted he stand as close to female students as he could to provide math sum explanations.
    • A recent bumper sticker seen on the roads protests this idea: ‘I'm not a dirty old man, I'm a sexy senior citizen.’
    • I really enjoy this CD, but with the artwork it simply makes these musicians seem like dirty old men who haven't left the seventh grade.
    • He said she probably thought he was a dirty old man.
    • It was all a bit cringey, leaving me feeling like a dirty old man from the first world perving over straight lads from a poorer country who the interviewer had got drunk.
    • She was very hesitant and probably thought of me as a dirty old man who would exploit her, but when she got to know me, she realized I was an educated family man with a 22-year-old daughter.
    • Certainly Jennifer Love Hewitt is very attractive, and now that she's 21 I don't have to feel like a dirty old man to say so.
    • So, in the 1990s, the Miss Pears girl, advertising soap, was withdrawn: her glowing innocence was considered dangerously alluring, an image for dirty old men to drool over.
    • Instead, he's just a cad, a dirty old man in contemporary parlance.
    • This is not a dirty old man who bothers young girls.
    • I don't need dirty old men in my life. I need clean young men.
    • I was afraid she might think I was a dirty old man.
    • My guess is that this ‘biological’ basis of marriage laws is just a ruse by dirty old men who want to shack up with younger women, since there is a better chance of procreation.
    • Her mother had warned her about dirty old men who go after sweet young girls, but she would have never suspected her own uncle.