Traducción de dirty tricks en Español:

dirty tricks

chanchullos, n.

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    chanchullos masculino
    before noun dirty tricks department departamento de actividades clandestinas
    • Even though negative ads are often effective, many people consider them to be little more than political dirty tricks.
    • This highlights the need to investigate smears posing as ‘investigative journalism’, which in this case proved to be a campaign by the media and government, with dirty tricks courtesy of the security services.
    • I hope this is not the start of a dirty tricks campaign by my opponents.
    • It was accused of dirty tricks and unfair intervention to secure his victory in the provincial presidential election last fall.
    • He is supposedly a self-made millionaire, but it becomes apparent that he did not achieve his wealth without dirty tricks and criminal activities.
    • They concluded that they had to adopt extra-parliamentary means - the methods of political conspiracy, dirty tricks and usurpation - to obtain their ends.
    • These safeguards were put in place in the aftermath of a documented history of systematic spying, infiltration and dirty tricks by police agencies and the FBI.
    • Even Nader's liberal criticisms were beyond the pale, and the Democrats waged a concerted campaign of dirty tricks and frivolous lawsuits to bar him from the ballot in dozens of states and drain his campaign of resources.
    • He says, ‘This settlement demonstrates there was a dirty tricks campaign mounted against me and other prominent opponents of the war.’
    • Are they enjoying watching the US media being discredited by propaganda and dirty tricks one by one?
    • Over the next few months, a sustained campaign of dirty tricks was set in motion to create precisely those circumstances.
    • We as the electorate, have the ability to turn party political dirty tricks in to cold hard cash.
    • It has a long and notorious history of surveillance, harassment and dirty tricks directed against left-wing political activists and organisations.
    • This loophole opens the door to covert action and dirty tricks.
    • Michelle Stewart from Kinning Park nursery says, ‘Despite all the dirty tricks from the council we are standing firm.’
    • The media by now were concentrating on the alleged dirty tricks of the two parties over the broadcast and the parties found it difficult to get the media to report anything else.
    • Initially the pickets were very optimistic that the dispute could be resolved quickly in the face of the embarrassing exposure of the employer's dirty tricks.
    • A historical exposé of any key industry will uncover exploitation and dirty tricks.