Traducción de dirty word en Español:

dirty word

palabrota, n.


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    palabrota femenino
    mala palabra femenino América Latina
    taco masculino España
    garabato masculino Chile
    • And when you come back reconsider the subsidies of the private health insurance system by a government to whom the word ‘subsidy’ is a dirty word.
    • The ‘spirit’ of the Council has become something of a dirty word among conservatives, and something of a license for doctrinal free-for-all among liberals.
    • In the US where the words Welfare and Public Service are regarded as dirty words, they only spend 30% of the GDP on public services.
    • There is an ingestion of corporate media propaganda that made ‘feminism’ a dirty word, a taboo word.
    • However, adoption is still a dirty word in the Australian child welfare industry, and overseas experience suggests that adoption reform will face two significant hurdles in Australia.
    • It's wonderful to know someone out there in your industry who does not consider integrity, family or decency dirty words.
    • The word ‘sales’ became a dirty word and was replaced with modern psychological buzzwords like subliminal persuasion.
    • Arthur Finkelstein, more than any other person in this country, is the one who made the word ‘liberal’ into a dirty word.
    • What Pac Brands needs is some courageous leaders who are not afraid to break the moulds of Pac Dunlop days gone by, where thoughts such as retail outlets, launching premium brands and a alignment of operations and brands are not dirty words.
    • Here, at last, was someone who I had feared would always be a figment of my imagination: a Labour leader who did not regard profit as a dirty word but who did regard nationalisation as a dirty word.
    • The dirty words in the new modernisation regime are ‘internal market’ and Ford is determined that the tendency for every health board area to work in isolation, developing services the way they see best, is finally eradicated.
    • There was a time in the 1980s and 1990s when the word ‘apprentice’ was a dirty word in this country.
    • Liberals and libertines who can't complete a sentence without using gutter profanity have turned modesty, monogamy, faith, and self-restraint into dirty words.
    • Perhaps the vital question for them is: Will the Dodgers ever figure out that offense isn't a dirty word?
    • The word ‘liberal’ is a dirty word in many parts of my country, corresponding roughly with ‘the devil.’
    • Across Latin America ‘liberalization’ (code word for slash-and-burn capitalism) is a dirty word.
    • Electromigration has historically been a dirty word in the chip industry.
    • ‘Both of those are dirty words in the vocabulary of a Marine,’ said Lt. Gen. James T. Conway of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force.
    • For many people, the word ‘cult’ is a dirty word.
    • One subject we have not dealt with is the visual junk diet of soaps, smut, and vulgar language: the verbal corruption that has infected our nation's bloodstream and turned courtesy into a dirty word among the young.