Traducción de disarray en Español:


desorganización, n.

Pronunciación /dɪsəˈreɪ//ˌdɪsəˈreɪ/


  • 1

    (of political party) desorganización femenino
    (of thoughts) confusión femenino
    (of appearance) desaliño masculino
    the troops were in disarray entre las tropas reinaba la confusión / el caos
    • a party in complete disarray un partido totalmente desorganizado
    • her papers/clothes were in total disarray sus papeles estaban completamente desordenados/su ropa estaba completamente desordenada
    • The room was in general disarray with rubbish strewn all over the floor.
    • And that in turn implies a general disarray in the Brown chancellorship.
    • The police force is in total disarray, desperately in need of reorganization.
    • But when it comes to postwar Iraq it seems to be in complete disarray.
    • The election results and the general disarray showed that Blair continues to be very vulnerable.
    • Celtic were a club in utter disarray before O'Neill arrived in Parkhead in 2000.
    • But if the Labour Party thinks the Tories' disarray is long-lasting, they are deluded.
    • The association soon fell into disarray due mainly to the petty in fighting among the less advanced worlds.
    • But the leadership and the entire organization is in total disarray at the moment.
    • Another handicap was the financial disarray that began to beset Germany.
    • All of this was taking place against a background of financial disarray for most of the clubs.
    • The department had been in a state of financial disarray for at least four years, and possibly longer.
    • Steve loomed over her, his face puffed with exertion and his beard tangled and in disarray.
    • She must've looked a mess, cheeks flushed and hair in disarray.
    • A new documentary offers a fascinating glimpse inside a Dean campaign in disarray at a critical moment.
    • Furniture and papers were all jumbled together in disarray.
    • More books, tumbling off the shelves now, landing about the room in utter disarray.
    • We compare that achievement to the National Party, which is in total and utter disarray.
    • Our residence in Baker Street had the reputation of being cluttered and in disarray, so perhaps he thought this was its normal appearance.
    • After much gnashing of teeth, people thought our game was in complete disarray.