Traducción de disaster en Español:


catástrofe, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈzæstər//dɪˈzɑːstə/


  • 1

    (flood, earthquake) catástrofe femenino
    (flood, earthquake) desastre masculino
    (crash, sinking) siniestro masculino
    (crash, sinking) desastre masculino
    before noun disaster fund fondo para los damnificados masculino
    • disaster relief ayuda en caso de catástrofe / desastre
    • The Hatfield rail disaster occurred while Hall was working on his adaptation, and it shows.
    • Does it take a disaster of these proportions to convince us all to give so freely?
    • "We did have a disaster recovery plan in place, " Bob says.
    • Pete has a meditation on the space shuttle disaster.
    • When Mozambique was struck by a flood disaster in 1999, over a million people lost their homes.
    • A disaster on the scale of 9/11 or hurricane Katrina disturbs all certainties.
    • You know, we just don't cope with disasters on this scale.
    • A disaster of this magnitude is one of those defining moments in local television.
    • Facing a disaster of such magnitude, understandably the government was unprepared and initially lost touch.
    • The horrific devastation caused by this tsunami may be the worst natural disaster in recent history.
    • Our topic was inspired by the extensive news coverage of the space shuttle disaster.
    • The pilots managed to avert a total disaster by using the engine's throttles to steer the plane.
    • Hurricane Katrina will be the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history by a factor of five.
    • But clearly, a disaster of a proportion he had never had to deal with was unfolding.
    • Whenever a major disaster strikes, the public is confronted with all sorts of unpleasantness.
    • Children are those who are most prone to disasters like earthquake, fire and flood.
    • And President Bush is offering U.S. aid and condolences to people affected by the Asian tsunami disaster.
    • In 1957 a train disaster affected the lives of many people who lived in south London and Kent.
    • Technically, the rescued worms were not the worms that survived the shuttle disaster.
    • Similar ecological disasters have occurred in other parts of the world too.
  • 2

    • 2.1(fiasco)

      desastre masculino
      a catalog of disasters una serie de desastres / de calamidades
      • The university had a public relations disaster on its hands.
      • It was recognised as such by the Iraqi people, but the subsequent handling of events was a disaster.
      • Nor is the bank rushing blindly into disaster in the event of a bid succeeding.
      • But a series of personal disasters and financial ruin triggered a mental disorder that was to turn the father of two into a killer.
      • One type would work in a coaching role and the other act as a referee in the firm to prevent Scottish businesses from suffering Enron style disasters.
      • Will the new members fall in line, or will they team up with France and Spain to maintain these hideous financial disasters?
      • I know about previous squabbles and financial disasters that affected the club.
      • The suite contains the computers and equipment necessary to help a small business function in the event of a company disaster.
      • Critics argue it was only Lottery money and government cash that prevented the Games from being a financial disaster.
      • After a decade marked by financial disasters and bank failures, the era of unquestioned profit-making would appear to be at an end.
      • So lets forget my own personal disasters and get on with the business at hand, that is voting on tomorrows story, start voting now.
      • For the less strong, it can be a torment and a prelude to personal disaster.
      • Three of the properties so far have been financial disasters.
      • Unfortunately, data disasters are more likely to occur on systems relying on older or used hardware.
      • But as his career took off, the personal disasters continued to mount.
      • Fears may be exaggerated, but unless companies are completely open, they face potential PR disasters ahead.
      • The financial disasters are directly traceable to the cultural and ideological catastrophes which these films represent.
      • National members face a disaster, in fact, as they try to explain what it is they intend to do.
      • Since then I've seen two financial disasters and a terrible fire.
      • It has got me into trouble in the past and I'm never far away from having mini financial disasters.

    • 2.2informal (hopeless person)

      desastre masculino coloquial
      • Your mayoralty has been from start ' till now a disaster in the making.
      • India's reply was a total disaster, with wickets falling too rapidly due to run-outs.
      • And it was fine for all the media celebs to go to a ball game but it was a total disaster for Kerry to do so.
      • Last time I attempted the gym it was a total disaster.
      • On Saturday, I picked up some cool rocket balloons for the kids which turned out to be a total disaster.
      • Maize, a relatively new crop, is looking like a total disaster, according to Mr Dempsey.
      • He, of course, is far worse, a disaster in the making.
      • That dinner turned into a total disaster and for one whole month, she was in grief.
      • I went on my first date in 7 years 2 weeks ago - what a total, unmitigated disaster!
      • Because as we all know, this Budget has been a total disaster for the Labour Government.
      • He's had a very hard time. His current situation is a total disaster.
      • They will have to believe that they do because it's their last chance of ensuring that their season is not a total disaster.
      • I was a total disaster in the shop and I realised that I was going to have to do something else.
      • But how else can I understand the fact that my panel session was a total disaster?
      • It might be that the first idea was a total disaster and if so drop it and move on.
      • This is a very sad collection of songs put together, but what was a second rate band in their heyday is a total disaster today.
      • Would there be any way of getting rid of them if they were a total disaster?
      • Still, he thought watching mummy play hopscotch was hilarious, so it wasn't a total disaster.

  • 3

    disaster struck ocurrió / se produjo una catástrofe
    • to be doomed to disaster estar condenado al fracaso
    • the talks ended in disaster las conversaciones acabaron en un fracaso total
    • the vacation ended in disaster las vacaciones acabaron de forma desastrosa