Traducción de disconnect en Español:


desconectar, v.

Pronunciación /ˌdɪskəˈnɛkt//dɪskəˈnɛkt/

verbo transitivo

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    I didn't pay my bills, so I was disconnected me cortaron el teléfono (or el gas etc.) por no pagar
    • Today the club's electricity has been disconnected because of non-payment.
    • Cable TV has also been disconnected for non payment of the fees.
    • Hundreds of thousands of customers have been disconnected for non-payment of bills, something that was illegal before privatisation.
    • Mobile phone users now have only fifteen days, instead of thirty five, to clear overdue bills before they are disconnected.
    • 103 children lived in families whose electricity was disconnected.
    • The new law in the UK takes away water companies' powers to disconnect water supply for non-payment, or to limit the supply with the intention of enforcing payment.
    • This means if your water account is in arrears, your electricity might be disconnected.
    • The building contractors wrote to us in February and we have applied for the electricity to be disconnected.
    • Last week the strikers disconnected the electricity and water supplies to the company's premises, causing the temporary closure of its headquarters.
    • Water will be disconnected from 3.00 pm. to 8.30 a.m. the following day.
    • In January a similar move to disconnect non-payers caused outrage when businesses across the city were put out of action.
    • The decision had been surprising to many who found their telephone lines disconnected despite having paid the bill.
    • The corporatisation of basic services has meant that millions have been disconnected from water and electricity.
    • The one million households who are disconnected from their fixed telephone line must pay up to £75 to get reconnected.
    • In another case, Patsy and her large family were disconnected without notice for $400 in arrears.
    • Her cell phone has been disconnected and bills that I mailed have been ignored.
    • In 1994 12, 500 households were disconnected from water supplies because they couldn't pay.
    • Half the time our electricity was disconnected and running water a luxury.
    • The water was disconnected, and yesterday it was reconnected after guarantee of payment.
    • Electricity, gas and telephones in the area have been disconnected but may be restored to some parts of the area if safety permits.

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