Traducción de discrimination en Español:


discriminación, n.

Pronunciación /dəˌskrɪməˈneɪʃ(ə)n//dɪˌskrɪmɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (unfair treatment)
    discriminación femenino
    racial/sex discrimination discriminación racial/sexual
    • Examples of abuse of a dominant position include overcharging, discrimination against suppliers, unjustifiable refusals to supply and predatory pricing.
    • The tribunal found that the company and workers were all guilty of racial discrimination against Mr Han, who worked as a multi-skilled machinist for nearly seven years.
    • Racism, sexism, discrimination against the mentally handicapped, and the morality of crime are all portrayed this season.
    • This again is a continuation of an unjust and serious discrimination against gay and lesbian couples who, for a variety of reasons, might want to adopt children.
    • The bill, which is expected to be presented to the Legislative Council after next month's elections, aims at making discrimination on racial grounds unlawful.
    • Sex discrimination excludes discrimination on the grounds of marital status.
    • There is a growing desire for those issues to be dealt with once and for all and to remove discrimination against people on the grounds of their creed.
    • However, some Maori report cases of prejudice and discrimination against them.
    • Such conditions on the labour market and in the unions favour discrimination against minorities, such as persons with foreign origin, women, dissidents and political nonconformists.
    • A boycott of a university or a country does not, of course, constitute racial discrimination against its members.
    • Most of the problems facing women in developing countries are due to discrimination against them on ground of sex.
    • There must be no discrimination on grounds of race or colour [In the employment of Indians or Colonial natives in the Royal Navy].
    • Then they say that discrimination against gays is unjust, but backhand them saying that same-sex unions aren't equivalent to marriage.
    • Many more are also oppressed by homophobia, ageism, discrimination against the disabled, the uneducated, or the poor in general.
    • In those years, I also saw the racism and discrimination against my people in border towns.
    • We focus our discussion on discrimination against disadvantaged racial minorities.
    • They may do so for good or bad reasons, subject only to the laws prohibiting discrimination on grounds of race, sex or disability.
    • His attorneys argued the different treatment represents discrimination against gays and lesbians and is unconstitutional.
    • Affirmative action, for them, was no less invidious than traditional race discrimination against disadvantaged minorities.
    • She is due to take a claim of racial discrimination against the trust to an Employment Tribunal in December.
  • 2

    criterio masculino
    discernimiento masculino
    • The brand's sale is another sure-fire crowd-puller, for the legendarily stylish items bought with taste and discrimination.
    • In record shops, they both stood apart as labels that were run by and for connoisseurs, shields of taste and discrimination.
    • In short, in a competitive market, discriminators pay for their taste for discrimination.
    • Judging by the five most popular songs at Christmas discos we abandon any sense of discrimination during December.
    • Yet many people lose their judgement and discrimination when it comes to matters of money.
    • Shifting the emphasis from matters of taste, discrimination or aesthetics, media education now borrowed from new sources and began to ask new questions.
    • This ending, however, is unlikely to please gay audiences, and none of it should please audiences of either sexuality with any taste and discrimination.
    • He argues that the days of taste and literary discrimination are over.
    • As home cooking dies, replaced with tasteless, additive-ridden, cook-chill plastic, our taste buds are losing what little discrimination they might have had.
    • Let's retain our rural character and attract visitors who have some taste and discrimination.
    • A collection is a revealing reflection of the taste discrimination of the collector and of his aesthetic sensibility.
    • It represents the cosmopolitan virtues of tolerance and aesthetic discrimination.
    • Its practice cultivates our discrimination in eating good quality food in the appropriate quantity and in a tranquil environment.
    • It's the ability to enjoy art with discrimination and an appreciation of its subtleties.