Traducción de disdainful en Español:


despectivo, adj.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈdeɪnf(ə)l//dɪsˈdeɪnfʊl//dɪsˈdeɪnfəl/


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    (manner/tone) despectivo
    (tone/manner) desdeñoso
    to be disdainful toward / of sth despreciar / desdeñar algo
    • she's very disdainful toward her colleagues se muestra desdeñosa con sus colegas
    • It was always difficult, despite the president's disdainful silence on the subject, to imagine that all this was going on without his knowledge.
    • Very few movies seem as disdainful of their audience to quite the degree of this one.
    • It's all in that gaze, simultaneously serene and disdainful.
    • The railway people were disdainful of their customers.
    • Several of the priests in the procession looked over the crowd with disdainful, superior expressions.
    • Her disdainful tone dismissed the idea of anyone desirable sending love letters.
    • They often display snobbish, disdainful or patronizing attitudes.
    • Many qualitative researchers are disdainful of approaches to research that entail the imposition of predetermined formats on the social world.
    • Several well-dressed older women shot them disdainful looks before looking away, noses upturned.
    • The woman strode past him with a disdainful sneer and entering the temple, glanced about.
    • There prevails at present, an attitude that is all at once, mutually suspicious, disdainful and hostile.
    • The simple words oozed with disdainful contempt that seemed to pass unnoticed.
    • No one was openly hostile, but a few exhibited a rather disdainful sneer as they walked by.
    • Though her words were perfectly respectful, there was a disdainful tone to her voice.
    • I'm not arguing that employers should be disdainful of their workers' happiness.
    • His face was cold and disdainful, and his back was straight with haughty pride.
    • Some faculty members seem to express a condescending, at times almost disdainful, attitude.
    • It would be arrogant and disdainful of you to assume that glorious mantle by yourself.
    • She looked haughty and stuck-up, her face disdainful as she looked down at me.
    • He held his head stiffly with his nose angled upward and his lips pursed with a superior, disdainful expression.