Traducción de dishearten en Español:


desanimar, v.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈhɑːt(ə)n//dɪsˈhɑrtn/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    don't be disheartened! ¡ánimo, no te dejes abatir!
    • I have no idea what the tale is here, but something's amiss, and I was disheartened by the result.
    • I am so disheartened at the slurs and insults that have been hurled at those people who accept free lunch for their kids.
    • As I emptied its contents, I was disheartened to see the limited treasures I found within.
    • For that half an hour I got a tiny glimpse into what her everyday life is like and I was disheartened by how cold people are.
    • We weren't disheartened to lose as it was a tough tournament.
    • Some disturbing news regarding misuse and exploitation of the tsunami donations are cropping up which disheartens me a lot.
    • But I am not disheartened by the image or the disadvantages that comes along with it.
    • Despite the elbow injury, he said he is not disheartened by the setback.
    • But I'm not disheartened… it will take some doing to undo the bad habits of a lifetime.
    • She said she was disheartened by the police force's inaction in relation to similar intimidation incidents in the past.
    • The very image of the desolated metropolis was enough to dishearten me before I even entered the city itself.
    • He was disheartened when the boy didn't even seem to notice his presence.
    • Far from giving physics a wider appeal, I suspect this merely disheartens students.
    • I was disheartened; I would have truly loved to get out of the house and attend such a happy event.
    • And of course we did know that, and it disheartened us to think no one would take notice of us.
    • What disheartens me most of all is their blandness.
    • You've seen how I was disheartened by the loss of my husband and my children and because of my disease.
    • Such tolerance of dishonesty in our educational system certainly disheartens other students, who realize that they may have to compete with cheaters to get into college.
    • If that sounds just a little bitter, she maintains that she wasn't disheartened.
    • When I arrived at the set wearing a new chocolate-brown, button-up T-shirt and brown, leather clogs, I was determined not to let anyone or anything dishearten me.