Traducción de disinterest en Español:


desinterés, n.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈɪnt(ə)rɪst//dɪsˈɪnt(ə)rəst/


  • 1

    (indifference, apathy)
    desinterés masculino
    it's a matter of complete disinterest to me es un asunto que no me interesa en absoluto
    • Some people exude outright disinterest and apathy towards their country's films.
    • Perhaps it's his obvious disinterest towards talking about himself, which permeates our interview, that is the most telling.
    • I laughed rather loudly, much to her disinterest.
    • A new generation is growing up with no memory of military rule, but it is too early to say for sure whether that will translate to anything more than disinterest.
    • That's because the fault lies with the education system and so one will have to look deep down and find out what's causing this disinterest and hatred towards academics.
    • Despite asking for the manager and reiterating my claim to them I was met with utter disinterest.
    • The poll reveals a notable level of disinterest among respondents for politics as usual.
    • A hand propping up his head shows his disinterest in the conversation.
    • Students gave many reasons for their disinterest.
    • With my female friends, as soon as the topic shifts towards politics or current affairs, there is an obvious display of disinterest.
    • A few brave and honest voices across the political spectrum spoke up, struggling to be heard through a fog of disinterest.
    • Given the buzz surrounding his latest effort, his disinterest is somewhat surprising.
    • This combination of disinterest and absolute power slowly cripples the actual goal of having an easily accessible and open network available.
    • I'm used to people looking at me in loathing or disinterest.
    • In part it is governed by familiarity breeding disinterest, if not contempt.
    • The Ministry of Health showed massive disinterest.
    • Even his own Swedish media show similar disinterest.
    • Another aspect of the issue was the disinterest of people in Australia in the observations of those who had had extensive recent experience of Thailand and its neighbours.
    • It is unacceptable to treat Tasmania with such apparent disinterest.
    • As a result of this cycle of mutual disinterest, young people tend to have a weaker party identification than their elders do.
  • 2

    neutralidad femenino
    imparcialidad femenino
    • The company went so far as to publish its own statement of disinterest in the global credential.
    • Americans can participate in this process - though it has been a long time now, we have acted with disinterest and imagination before.
    • It's much more difficult to manage absolutely truthful disinterest.
    • I watched with detached disinterest as Sean and Amber presented themselves to the audience and received their medallions from the organizers.
    • As Brynor neared, he glanced at each of us in turn with the casual, detached disinterest of a scientist examining a particularly repulsive insect.
    • Let's bring back some healthy disinterest into governing.
    • Read the article with scientific disinterest, then reply.
    • In fact, I think the word I'm looking for is disinterest, in the sense of impartiality.
    • Does the discovery and presentation of the truth require disengaged disinterest?
    • Boyle is not arguing in bad faith; he believes passionately in the concepts of scientific disinterest and utilitarian progress that his works promote.