Traducción de dislike en Español:


Pronunciación /dɪsˈlaɪk//dɪsˈlʌɪk/

verbo transitivo

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    I don't dislike it, but I prefer jazz no me disgusta / no es que no me guste, pero prefiero el jazz
    • he disliked her intensely no la podía ver
    • to dislike -ing
    • he dislikes wearing a tie le desagrada / no le gusta llevar corbata
    • But I can't help disliking our modern obsession with buying things.
    • I had spent so many years disliking him and now I have been wrestling the concept that the dislike was based more on style than reality.
    • Neither liking nor disliking him, she tried very hard to live her life as if he didn't exist.
    • ‘Henry had a way of trying to leave a room without anybody disliking him,’ he said.
    • People have weird reasons for liking and disliking anything.
    • Why this was I never knew because she disliked him intensely and was always threatening to change him.
    • Try to have actual reasons for disliking Theory, and an actual definition of what Theory means to you.
    • We need a critical body that is unafraid of disliking something.
    • It was easier to get through the week disliking him, so that's exactly how I handled it.
    • Brown is understandably defensive, disliking the brutal suggestion that the life and pensions sector had been guilty of incompetence.
    • The only legitimate response to disliking pop culture as a whole is to go out and make something better.
    • Now, I understand that some of Clark's enemies have their reasons for disliking him.
    • Football is personal; rivalries upset relationships and grown men end up disliking each other.
    • There may sometimes be good reasons for disliking some politicians.
    • I have very mixed feelings about Americans disliking the French.
    • Overall it's really hard to imagine anyone disliking this album.
    • One can disapprove of the religious or ethnic group into which one was born without disliking oneself.
    • We are so caught up in disliking the American culture generated by the media, yet at the same time we are allowing their culture to become ours.
    • They are having a good time disliking the guy, they want to keep on disliking the guy.
    • Jeremy and Austin both disliked it to a certain degree and Dave and Chris gave it much better reviews.


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    her dislike of parties el hecho de que no le gusten las fiestas
    • a dislike of sth/for sb
    • I have a strong dislike of dogs (les) tengo aversión a los perros
    • to take a dislike to sb tomarle antipatía a algn
    • I took an instant dislike to her le tomé antipatía inmediatamente
    • But it has been written by Peter Kosminsky, who makes no secret of his dislike of the fourth estate.
    • It is not simple dislike or hatred of their beliefs; it's not a new blasphemy law by the back door.
    • Despite his violent dislike for the school and its inhabitants he was starting to get the hang of how things worked.
    • C stated that L had never been like this on previous occasions despite her expressed dislike for the applicant.
    • Joshua's dark eyes widened, but he stood his ground, despite my apparent dislike.
    • Despite his simulated dislike of women, he is clearly highly susceptible.
    • Despite her obvious dislike for him, she still did her best to take care of him.
    • Jargon is a big problem in medical informatics and must surely contribute to doctors' dislike of technology.
    • The amount of comments of utter dislike and disgust were too numerous to count.
    • I think that was the beginning to Margaret's dislike bordering on hatred of Naomi.
    • But in his eyes Kieran saw dislike and disgust - at him as well as the others who had broken in.
    • Would that 20 per cent poll indicate the public's dislike and distrust of the local political system we have?
    • The menu was the usual long list of things that sound rude and which you can't remember whether you just dislike or really loathe.
    • I do not think I am very capable of hate, but it was definitely a strong feeling of dislike and repulsion.
    • What makes him stand apart from the crowd, is his dislike of claiming publicity for any deed he has done.
    • Despite her inner ramblings, the door slithered open, to her huge dislike and distaste.
    • If I am already disliked in the designer industry, that dislike could turn to hatred.
    • Significantly, though, he has made no secret about his dislike of last season's tactics.
    • Despite my initial slight dislike of the idea, I had not only come to terms with it, but also started to like it.
    • Somers makes no secret of his dislike for bureaucracy and his contempt for people who pass the buck.
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    (sth disliked)
    fish is a particular dislike of mine le tengo manía al pescado
    • you'll have to tell us all your likes and dislikes tendrás que decirnos lo que te gusta y lo que no te gusta