Traducción de disparity en Español:


disparidad, n.

Pronunciación /dɪˈsparɪti//dəˈspɛrədi/


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    disparidad femenino
    • The disparity in fees between different schools can be overwhelming.
    • In the past, critics have pointed to disparities in testing as being the cause of any differences found.
    • Others remain unanswered and court practice in different regions of the country shows stark disparities.
    • Income and standards of living disparities in different regions of the country have become a growing problem.
    • Mr Causley said he was sympathetic and well aware of the disparity in pay.
    • His shots do help demonstrate the disparity between different films.
    • Regional disparities further accentuated ancient distinctions, especially between the north and the south.
    • Prevailing economic theory suggests that such information disparities can lead to market failure.
    • And we have a wide disparity between the simply poor and the poorest of the poor.
    • There seems little doubt that there remains a disparity between women's pay and that of their male counterparts.
    • In part this different history may have to do with the disparities between the first and second waves of feminism.
    • They may blame the diverse students or even parents for these disparities and variations.
    • His appeal may lie in the disparity between the image projected in his interviews and the image perpetuated in his records.
    • The ease with which we now travel over land has led to a great disparity between prehistoric and modern perceptions of islands.
    • I estimate that the comparable disparities in Australia are less marked but still not inconsiderable.
    • In any case, the wide disparity of incomes and egos leads to a certain instability.
    • Waterhouse explained his justification for the disparity between program fees.
    • It has led to declining standards of living and widening income disparities.
    • And of course, the last explanation for the disparity, is the one that you point out.
    • He believes that the growing disparity between the rich and poor of the world is a disaster that will lead to more terrorist outrages.
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    discrepancia femenino