Traducción de dissimilar en Español:


distinto, adj.

Pronunciación /dɪˈsɪmɪlə//ˌdɪ(s)ˈsɪmɪlər/


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    you could not find two more dissimilar people no podrían ser más distintos / tener caracteres más dispares
    • to be dissimilar to sth ser distinto de/a algo
    • a hat not dissimilar to my own un sombrero similar al mío / no muy distinto del mío
    • She and her seven students were so dissimilar that under ordinary circumstances they might never have been friends.
    • In gratitude, for his debut feature film, he has written, directed and composed the music for a story not dissimilar to his own.
    • Proportional representation may allow something not wholly dissimilar to develop in Iraq.
    • These days it's a holiday destination not too dissimilar to Brighton.
    • But we're assured dolphin is a kind of Bajan fish not dissimilar to tuna.
    • I tend to read two dissimilar books in parallel, and sense for links.
    • The design does not seem to be so dissimilar from what happened during the initial phase of the Nazi regime in Germany.
    • We know that dissimilar production systems produce goods with very different quality characteristics.
    • In a way, it isn't too dissimilar to the intellectual property conventions that exist for video games.
    • He should be the bad guy but we find ourselves wondering if our choices wouldn't be too dissimilar given the circumstances.
    • The result is that the same or similar marks can be owned by different proprietors in respect of dissimilar goods or businesses.
    • They are playing in not too dissimilar ways, to how they were playing in the 2000 Olympics.
    • One pair was even found to be as dissimilar as prints from different people.
    • And I think that we found that they are not as dissimilar as they seem on the face of it.
    • Perhaps that's not dissimilar to most teenagers, but naturally I can only speak for myself and my behaviour.
    • It would be hard to think of two European nations more dissimilar, historically, than the Italians and the Scots.
    • When opened, though, the two volumes could not be more dissimilar.
    • Its flesh is pleasantly gelatinous and not dissimilar to scallop.
    • Although they are generalized propositions, principles are dissimilar from rules.
    • Different geographical areas connect to the debates on globalisation in dissimilar ways.