Traducción de dissipate en Español:


disipar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪsɪpeɪt//ˈdɪsəˌpeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1formal (squander)

      (wealth/inheritance) disipar
      (wealth/inheritance) dilapidar
      (energy/talents) desperdiciar
      • It's likely to dissipate resources ineffectually and spread potential damage far.
      • Edwardes said: ‘The Ryder remedy only produced a bureaucratic paperchase dissipating management resource and effort.’
      • But typically, the fortunes built by one generation will be completely dissipated by the second or third generation.
      • The most negative rendering is that the steward is justly charged with intentionally dissipating the owner's resources.
      • An important truth is that we need full and active participation in liturgy and you don't get that by dissipating your resources.
      • That the moral capital of all three parties has been dissipated is not lost on the public, whose contempt for the political process has grown.
      • This trend suggests that some portion of the rent may have been dissipated in higher-than-necessary production costs.
      • You dissipate resources by maintaining economically unviable units.
      • There's a reduction in efficiency as energy is dissipated in heat.
      • On the other hand those transferred resources could be dissipated in an array of outreach services seeking to stimulate demand.
      • But what followed instead was a decline which saw all the flair and hope of the Keegan era dissipated as money flowed out of the coffers hand over fist, but for little return.
      • The monasteries had been dissolved and the proceeds dissipated in war.
      • It meant resisting the temptation to chase off after secondary objectives and, in the process, dissipate resources.
      • This fueled regional battles over property and influence, greatly dissipating the energy and resources of the OC.
      • As the basal part of the stem was linearly elastic, there was no energy dissipated by viscous friction.
      • Water prevents dehydration and allows heat to be dissipated through evaporative cooling and urination.
      • Unfortunately, however, the modern puritans are dissipating and wasting this inspiring moral tradition.
      • Numerous winters have brought heavy snowfalls and low temperature and fortunes of stockmen have been dissipated in one season because of these adverse conditions.
      • Thus by mid-1999 much of the positive effect of the devaluation on the real incomes of rural producers had been dissipated.
      • This kinetic energy will be dissipated in the form of heat on impact of the clip with the magnet.
      • Why, in such difficult times, are they dissipating their resources in this manner?
      • To do otherwise is to dissipate resources in random spending.
      • Given the current militancy of the public service unions, it is possible that much additional public spending will be dissipated in wage increases.
      • The enormous amount of savings has largely been dissipated by poor choices for investment.
      • On impact, most of the kinetic energy dissipates as heat.

    • 1.2formal (dispel)

      (anxiety) disipar
      (anxiety) hacer desvanecer
      • Victims of those errors don't disappear, and their quest for justice doesn't dissipate.
      • So immediate emotion can dissipate before a country's population can make an important decision?
      • It would attempt to lock future generations into a prejudice that has already dissipated and that someday may disappear.
      • In minimum-security prisons, like the camp in Florence, Colorado where I currently am confined, racial tensions tend to dissipate, if not disappear.
      • Once she'd gotten there in his presence, all her organized thoughts dissipated into a messily arranged array of emotions.
      • My anger was slowly dissipating, but in its place was another emotion.
      • And if we say wait until May 2005 then we're dissipating all that anger.
      • Rage suddenly takes control as the other emotions dissipated when he'd been pulled from his meal.
      • I don't hold on to the anger, if I can just let it dissipate on its own.
      • By contrast, on film it looked like the mere aggregation of takes and cutaways; its timbres and its fluency dissipated and finally disappeared.
      • Plus, these harsh emotions were already starting to dissipate, and I truly didn't want to unnerve my best friend.
      • Too often, free flowing emotions of sympathy dissipate with the initial fascination, without confronting the long-term consequences of misfortune.
      • Brant's anger dissipated at Gemmel's anger with himself.
      • Each time something like this happens, the anger dissipates slower and leaves a shadow behind.
      • At the same time, given the growth in household information, given integration, it's unlikely that the core for the housing market will evaporate or dissipate.
      • He felt his anger dissipating as he looked at her.
      • I'll go and see it again to see if my disappointment might dissipate.
      • Heneghan's third free and fifth point of the game, coming in the 55th minute, barely stirred the emotion as the Roscommon cause began to dissipate.
      • To her surprise, after their anger had dissipated, they were physically and emotionally more intimate.
      • That sinking feeling we'd experienced as we watched the snow fall when it was supposed to be melting dissipated.

  • 2

    (electrical energy/heat) difundir

verbo intransitivo


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    (anger/doubts) disiparse
    (doubts/anger) desvanecerse