Traducción de distance en Español:


distancia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪst(ə)ns//ˈdɪstəns/


  • 1

    • 1.1(space between two points)

      distancia femenino
      what's the distance between … ? ¿qué distancia hay entre … ?
      • the posts are an equal distance apart los postes son equidistantes / están todos a la misma distancia
      • within easy driving/walking distance a poca distancia en coche/a pie
      • the fire could be seen from a distance of 12 miles el incendio se veía a una distancia de 12 millas
      • I can't walk long distances no puedo caminar mucho
      • it's no distance at all / hardly any distance from here está muy cerca / a dos pasos de aquí
      • the station is some / quite a / a fair distance away la estación queda bastante lejos
      • it's only a short distance to the hotel el hotel queda muy cerca
      • they went part of the distance together fueron juntos parte del camino
      • Kimura two-parameter genetic distance ranged between 0.0017 and 0.0123.
      • The four I've won here have all been won by a distance and every one has been as sweet as the last.
      • The residential electronics industry has traveled a considerable distance in a relatively short time.
      • The seven-year-old took full advantage of evens favourite Jair du Cochet unseating his rider at the fourth from home to win by a distance.
      • Motivator won by five lengths, the longest winning distance since Generous in 1991.
      • As shown above, using a third taxon to estimate the initial pairwise distances improves their precision.
      • After triumphing by a distance in 1965, Arkle was a warm favourite to follow up the following year.
      • American customers travel long distances at speed on smooth, straight highways.
      • We find that modes of transportation are often significant and positively related to median commute distance.
      • Minimum safe distances are computed by adding the maximum pattern radius plus three circular error probable.
      • There will not be any significant loss of distance, and your accuracy will improve.
      • The Moon's distance from Earth varies by about 2700 miles over the course of a lunar cycle.
      • I could always feel the distance separating us as tangible as a stone wall.
      • Red Marauder, despite mistakes, won by a distance from Smarty (16-1).
      • Printed out and laid end to end, they would cover a distance of 1.3 kilometres.
      • Officers tracked the car onto the A4 keeping a distance of 300 metres.
      • Carrying luggage, changing planes and walking long distances are hassles that most travelers must face.
      • Intensity is also influenced by distance from the fault, ground conditions, and sometimes, directivity.
      • The walk will take approximately two hours to complete covering a distance of four miles.
      • Ridgeway elementary is the only school within safe walking distance and is in need of repair.
      • The DNA alignment was analyzed with both parsimony and distance matrix methods.
      • Katie, walking a short distance in front of the girl, turned round.
      • After locking the door, they walked the short distance from their rented house to the college.
      • On one tank of fuel it can cover a distance of a thousand kilometres.
      • In general, the various distance estimation methods can be divided into two classes.

    • 1.2(faraway point)

      in the (far) distance a lo lejos
      • I can't read it at this distance no lo puedo leer a esta distancia
      • at / from a distance he looked like a young man de lejos parecía joven
      • to admire sb from a distance admirar a algn de lejos

    • 1.3(in time)

      distancia femenino
      from a distance of ten years the experience seemed less important a diez años de distancia / después de diez años la experiencia no parecía tan importante
      • In my memory there is a stillness, a quietness about her that I can still feel, that is almost visible, even in the distance of many years.
      • For others, the distance of three years makes what happened feel both implausible and unforgivable.
      • But I cannot look upon these plans at a distance of six months, without feeling that past events ought to teach me how little I can depend on the future.

    • 1.4(between rivals, competitors)

      distancia femenino
      the distance between them has narrowed se ha acortado la distancia entre ellos

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    distanciamiento masculino
    • Dimbleby will be advantaged by the fact that he has never been in BBC programming management and that he has a blend of familiarity yet distance.
    • I wanted her to either slap me or show me some warmth, the emotional distance was too much to bear.
  • 3

    distancia femenino
    she is champion at / over this distance es la campeona de / en esta distancia
    • So they continued until Nijinsky had gone two lengths clear inside the distance.
    • This was our first race team test with the two new cars and we were able to complete simulated race distances with Jenson and Takuma.
    • It will be an Olympic distance triathlon with a 1.5km swim, a 40 km cycle ride and a 10 km run.
    • It seems than Bridgestone made a good tyre over a single-lap, their problem in the recent past, but it needs to be improved over the race distance.
    • You can compete in any Indy race, over any distance and in any car.
    • Most of the "Kentucky horses" made the distance and were able to continue on.
    • In one-loft racing all birds race the same distance and there is a single finishing point.
    • In 2002 I swam the sprint event and the next year moved up to the Olympic distance.
    • Tomorrow's slightly shorter distance is her favour as she faces the starter with Jamie Spencer on board.
    • Kiplagat spotted Kiptoo's potential a year and a half before her camp was officially opened and persuaded her to race longer distances.
    • The teams have to walk a distance of 100 miles over the course of ten days.
    • There was a penalty to all this, in that the race distances had to be reduced by one lap from the planned distance.
    • Arthur has won all 16 of his professional fights so far, 14 inside the distance, and is already ranked 19 in the world.
    • But golden girl Holmes is almost certain to do only one of her Olympic distances because of a slight injury.
    • Chris Brogan was the only wheelchair athlete to complete the Olympic triathlon distance.
    • You sweat an awful lot and can lose 2 to 2.5 kg over a race distance.
    • The compounds we used in Australia would probably have lasted for three race distances, but some teams have pushed their tyres right to the limit today.
    • Because it is the last time you will ever see the distance raced at an international championships indoors.
    • Hersisia, 29, has won all of his 21 bouts so far with 16 stoppages inside the distance.
    • Unlike the well-known Hawaii Ironman, the Olympic distance seems much more humane by comparison.
    • The racing distance in the World Championships is governed by time, with the race lasting 40 minutes.
    • Peralta takes Foreman the distance and loses a unanimous decision.
    • In the same year, Larry had 12 fights, winning all bouts some inside the distance.
    • Up until this point race distances varied and there were no restrictions on the design or construction of boats.
    • Intense neuromuscular training at race distances can't be sustained for weeks at a time.
    • Broken swims are often race distances divided into smaller increments with rest periods after each segment.

verbo reflexivo

  • 1

    to distance oneself from sb/sth distanciarse de algn/algo
  • 2

    to distance oneself from sb/sth (deny involvement) desvincularse de algn/algo
    • he tried to distance himself from the whole business intentó desvincularse del asunto
    • Father was depressed and distanced himself further from me since then.
    • Clearly, the Huntingdon Connection distanced itself early on from Marrant and his mission.
    • Subjects further distanced themselves by attributing such experiences to ‘the old me.’
    • However, instead of this helping me get closer with Ben and Kate, I just distanced myself further.
    • You distanced yourself completely from what had happened.
    • Though the film is undoubtedly a product of widespread Cold War paranoia, the film distances itself enough to objectify its horrors.
    • But distancing ourselves seems to be the only way to lessen the struggle.
    • With The Invisible Man, he was intent on distancing himself as much as possible from the darkness of his past.
    • He turned his back towards me as if distancing himself emotionally from me.
    • Sora huffed rudely, distancing himself away from his cousin as if she was a disease.