Traducción de distribute en Español:


distribuir, v.

Pronunciación /dəˈstrɪbjut//ˈdɪstrɪbjuːt//dɪˈstrɪbjuːt/

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    (hand out)
    (food/leaflets) distribuir
    (food/leaflets) repartir
    • Usaid pays an aid organization to hire independent staffers, who then travel to the recipient country and distribute aid as they see fit.
    • The program, Berklee Shares, encourages musicians to share and distribute these music lessons online.
    • Up to £90 per person was distributed to citizens who share the great man's birthday.
    • Fifty $1,000 scholarships are to be distributed each year to individuals seeking associate degrees in medical laboratory science.
    • It should be no surprise that in the long run the shares of growth are distributed equally across all income levels.
    • Give a subordinate unit the task to distribute newsletters or flyers and use the remaining elements to provide security-be ready to fight.
    • The money will be distributed to individual schools which made bids for vital new facilities such as sports halls, fitness rooms and games pitches.
    • There was no attempt to distribute the images or share them with others, he said.
    • In the political sphere, the possibilities for political participation should be equally distributed.
    • The three villages, though separately ruled, worked together as a unit, sharing and distributing the resources they had at their disposal.
    • Sharing these views is what made the Internet in the first place; a medium to quickly share and distribute information.
    • As a subscriber to their newsletter and referrer of 3 subscribers, I got 8 shares when they distributed them.
    • Therefore, employees who are let go before tips are distributed often lose their share of the allocation.
    • As such, this publication is widely distributed to all units of Army.
    • Like all research labs, we needed to share disks, distribute processes, compile software and store and munge data.
    • It's just a good economic model, and it actually distributed wealth and shared in productivity better than the trickle down theory.
    • But the Grid goes beyond sharing and distributing data and computing resources.
    • A Camden Defend Council Housing broadsheet is being distributed to every flat.
    • However, many UK companies distribute share options to all employees, linked to monthly savings plans.
    • I have learned recently that in almost all cases, food is distributed to recipients prior to their doing any work.
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    (share out)
    (dividends/profits) repartir
    (tasks/responsibilities) distribuir
    they distributed the spoils amongst themselves se repartieron el botín
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    (films/goods) distribuir
    • There are lots of people now employed in in big warehouses to distribute goods which would formerly have been distributed through retail outlets.
    • The Li & Fung group has focused strongly on China where its privately held IDS Group can now sell and distribute goods in bulk to mainland retailers.
    • The booklets will be distributed to producers, retailers, consumers and enforcement officers.
    • The idea was to rationalize and redefine retailing by distributing goods in a cultivated manner: efficiently, honestly, and cleanly.
    • The problem is not lack of supply, because nationwide we have more than enough energy production; the problem is how that supply is being distributed.
    • Cash donations also allow agencies to avoid the labor-intensive need to store, sort, pack and distribute donated goods.
    • Hockaday also oversaw creation of Crown Media Holdings Inc., which operates and distributes the Hallmark Channel worldwide.
    • An additional line, Farmer's All Natural Milk, is distributed in select retail outlets in the Front Range.
    • In addition, 36 global dual-use licences allowed restricted goods to be distributed worldwide with a single licence.
    • Iron is one of the most widely distributed of metals and has been used in ornamental work since prehistoric times.
    • The series is being distributed by BBC Worldwide which could result in extensive international TV sales, merchandising and publishing spin-offs.
    • By distributing to larger news retailers such as Tesco, it can subsidise deliveries to smaller, more remote retailers, like corner shop or village newsagents.
    • Charlie and Lola is produced by Tiger Aspect Productions and distributed by BBC Worldwide Ltd and © BBC 1996.
    • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros.
    • Posters of the former rider will be distributed while supplies last.
    • Chemical stains and polymer toppings are now being distributed through construction supply houses.
    • To start, two million cards will be distributed at retailers and through street teams hitting places where kids hang out.
    • New labels will be distributed to retailers still wanting to sell the current version.
    • The goods were then distributed to major phone retailers, the ministry said.
    • Besides these immediate clients, however, Lipchanka's goods are distributed under various brand names worldwide.
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    (spread out)
    the weight must be evenly distributed el peso debe estar bien distribuido
    • The system bears the maximum and evenly distributed load.
    • ‘The work load gets evenly distributed through all semesters,’ she says.
    • Most of your weight should be evenly distributed along the shins from the knees to the feet.
    • These people seemed to have their weight evenly distributed to all areas of their body, making them an all-around heavyweight.
    • This graft fixation method enabled the force to be evenly distributed within each single graft strand.
    • Pressure is more evenly distributed in the remainder of the pulley system.
    • This ensures that the laden fluid is evenly distributed around the casing and therefore enters the tuyeres from all directions.
    • The load is transferred through the cross-bridges, which are evenly distributed along the thick filament.
    • The toes were all of equal length, allowing the body weight to be evenly distributed over them.
    • A simple way to reduce overloading is to ensure adequate number of electric points so that load is distributed evenly through different circuits.
    • The data were plotted on a semi-logarithmic scale, so that the histogram peaks from 2C to 32C were evenly distributed along the abscissa.
    • Your weight should be distributed about evenly across your two feet.
    • Take the zaatar and massage it into the chicken, inside and out, making sure it also is evenly distributed.
    • Instead, the deformed shapes of these columns are more consistent with loads that were distributed over the height of the columns.
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    how are the figures distributed? ¿cómo se distribuyen / están distribuidas las cifras?
    • the incidence of drug addiction is not distributed evenly throughout the country la drogadicción no tiene una distribución pareja en el país
    • By the Late Cretaceous, species of Hoploparia were distributed throughout temperate and subarctic regions of both hemispheres.
    • The Yellow Wagtail is widely distributed throughout the Old World and has colonized Alaska in the New World.
    • Muntjac deer (Muntiacinae, Cervidae) are distributed throughout Southeast Asia, South China, and India.
    • Tuco-tucos belong to the family Octodontidae and are distributed throughout the southern cone of South America with more than 56 described species.
    • The genus Cypripedium comprises 49 species, which are widely distributed throughout Northern America, Eastern Asia and Europe.
    • The fat was distributed delicately yet densely throughout the meat, looking almost like snow.
    • Quinolones are widely distributed throughout the body.
    • Microsatellite loci appear to be distributed throughout vertebrate genomes and can demonstrate high levels of intraspecific allelic polymorphism.
    • A climbing fern Lygodium japonicum is classified into the Filicales and is distributed throughout the warm temperate areas in Japan.
    • Cytosolic GS was found to be distributed throughout the root with apparent homogeneity within the epidermis, exodermis, cortex, and central cylinder.
    • The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has an abundance of microsatellites that are distributed throughout its 16 chromosomes.
    • Rickettsial diseases are vector-borne illnesses usually carried by ticks, lice, fleas, or mites, and are widely distributed throughout the world.
    • A further 30 species were primarily confined to freshwater riparian areas distributed throughout the park.

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    they distribute for us in Japan son distribuidores nuestros en el Japón