Traducción de dive-bomb en Español:


bombardear en picada, v.

Pronunciación /ˈdʌɪvbɒm//ˈdaɪv ˌbɑm/

verbo transitivo

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    bombardear en picada
    bombardear en picado España
    • They are also tricky to use - requiring fighters and gunboats to engage in something resembling an old dive-bombing run from WW2.
    • She adjusted her helmet and was about to dive-bomb the store when she couldn't spot either Deathtone or the judge.
    • On his final day, he tested a P-A7 converted for use on D day as a low-altitude fighter with dive-bombing capability.
    • The experienced pilots carried out a text-book dive-bombing attack on the big Japanese ships.
    • I dive-bombed into the murky entrance while slowing down smoothly.
    • But in Korea the Sabres were there to protect the fighters at low-level, while they were dive-bombing, Mahurin said.
    • Dragoon enclosed on the base and went high in the air then dive-bombed the area with that special fireball technique.
    • In another incident his ship was sunk after being dive-bombed, again with the loss of up to forty men.
    • Then at 0915 the dive-bombing was renewed before the raiders withdrew at 0945.
    • If World War II inspired George Lucas, it was with dive-bombing fighter planes and aerial dogfights.
    • The Germans and the US Navy had found a partial solution to the problem even before the war - dive-bombing.
    • Army co-operation and close air support were in their infancy in the USA and dive-bombing seemed to be the answer.
    • The Invaders had to do a kind of modified dive-bombing, he said.
    • The Blackburn Skua was the first British aircraft specifically designed for dive-bombing, but it could also serve as a fighter.