Traducción de divided highway en Español:

divided highway

autovía, n.



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    autovía femenino
    carretera de doble calzada femenino
    carretera de doble carril femenino
    • Tonight, I came upon one intersection where a two-lane street crosses a four-lane divided highway with left-turn lanes on both sides.
    • It used to be a divided highway and the old southbound lanes were taken out of service.
    • A divided highway ran along the cliffs bordering the beach.
    • My family and I were approaching a controlled intersection on a four-lane divided highway in a small city in Wisconsin when it happened.
    • Traffic thins on the divided highway as I approach the oncoming edge of the hurricane.
    • No sooner did I complete that thought when I spotted two sets of police lights urgently threading their way through traffic on the other side of the divided highway.
    • This is well in excess of the capacity of the four-lane divided highway that exists.
    • The proposed road is being designed as a six-lane divided highway, with limited access every 1.5 km.
    • Ahead, the divided highway sped eastward in two directions, flanked by a ghostly procession of villas.
    • Snowmass Canyon's section of SH82 will have 3.7 mi. of new, four-lane, divided highway to replace the existing two-lane road.
    • The project consisted of adding a 12-ft. lane and a 14-ft. shoulder to the inside of each side of the four-lane divided highway.
    • All the sections selected were six-lane divided highways.
    • All sections were on divided highways with one-way width ranging from 3.75 m to 14.0 m.
    • Upgrading an urban divided highway and its interchanges built nearly 40 years ago when traffic speeds and volumes were much lower is a challenge.
    • Generally a freeway is a grade separated divided highway designed for high speeds.
    • The Walker is located on the east edge of its site along Hennepin Avenue, a busy eight-lane divided highway.
    • On April 10, two riders were on a divided highway with a posted speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour - that is about 31 mph.
    • It's as though every driver had a private, divided highway to each destination.
    • She was charged with going 138 kilometres an hour on the divided highway leading to Halifax.
    • The route on which the task force moved was a major, six-lane, divided highway.