Traducción de divvy en Español:


tajada, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪvi//ˈdɪvi/

nombrePlural divvies


  • 1EEUU

    tajada femenino coloquial
    parte femenino
    • The majority of our long-term return comes from reinvesting divvies and if we don't, our investments will grow far more slowly than we imagine.
    • Getting shot of this grocery chain is a sensible strategic decision, especially as the proceeds will help support the all-important divi.
    • I got a full seven-day divi on her, and have day traded since then.
    • The new store will also see the introduction of the famous Co-op divi, through which customers can earn cash back on all their shopping.
    • Loyalty cards, just like the old Green Shield stamps and the co-op divi are understandable but why, oh why, are these stores issuing credit and debit cards?
    • On the subject of portfolio divvies, isn't it about time they cast a patronising glance towards one of the least favoured counties in the land?
    • The high divis might reflect good cash flows and management confidence about the future.
    • Investing through an individual savings account ensures that any profits and divis you earn will be tax-free.
    • When she died it was only natural that the Co-op would arrange the funeral, although I don't think we got any of her divi back.
    • The Co-op said the new divi would draw in the current loyalty card system and pay members twice yearly out of the group's profits.
  • 2Britanico

    dividendo masculino

verbo transitivodivvied, divvies, divvying


  • 1

    • He'll have a say in turnaround strategies and in how the assets are divvied up.
    • Its five songs are divvied up in several, nearly indistinguishable movements, but the album moves wholly, as a gross, plodding, overstuffed mass.
    • As more exporters enter the market Australian companies are divvying up the pie into increasingly smaller shares.
    • When you're not in the business of earning money but divvying it up, you don't need workers, you need servants and family.
    • The rest was divvied up between 22,000 Alberta producers, who received an average payment of about $18,000 each.
    • Arguments over final salaries and divvying up the remaining assets became painfully contentious.
    • As early as next year, the Canadian share of the quota could be officially divvied up for the first time.
    • When he turned around, they were divvying up the pile they'd accrued.
    • Should marital misconduct be taken into account when divvying up marital assets?
    • In the end, more than $50 million went to pay lawyers, while hundreds of thousands of passengers divvied up about $400 million in travel vouchers.
    • NASA Centers and managers are now divvied up by a focus on science, exploration systems, space operations and aeronautics research.
    • Since that day, all the acreage around their place has been divvied up into little parcels that sprouted split-levels, fake brick fronts and emerald chem-lawn.
    • Both of these envisage a pot of compensation money and a mechanism for divvying it up, permitting the free exchange of artistic goods.
    • All the other information could have then been divvied up among bonuses, appendixes, and supplements.
    • Mom toiled until dawn divvying up her worldly goods, because, ‘you never know.’
    • The seller pays 6% of purchase price (taken out of proceeds at closing) which is divvied up between the two realtors.
    • Questions were raised as to why that would be the case, and it all comes down to the allocation and how that will be divvied up.
    • Some discussions to have beforehand should include finances, habits, bedtime, room assignments, babysitters, and divvying up duties.
    • About one-third of gate receipts is divvied up evenly; the other two-thirds goes to the home teams.
    • The subscription creates a digital pool which is then divvied up and returned to the rights holders.