Traducción de dodge en Español:


esquivar, v.

Pronunciación /dɑdʒ//dɒdʒ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (blow) esquivar
    (pursuer) eludir
    (pursuer) sacudirse coloquial
    • His hand stretched out to pet his cat but she dodged him and jumped over his stomach to purr against my legs.
    • I stepped forward, trying to grab his shoulders, but he dodged me once again.
    • If he made a sudden move, Ashley reckoned she might dodge him and escape.
    • When the news was wafted to his father's factory, all his colleagues dodged him as if they were avoiding a deadly plague.
    • I pushed myself up and dodged a sudden flurry to my right, just in time to avoid someone else's arms.
    • My lips formed a silent O as we dodged what little traffic there was.
    • Vehicles merely gain speed near a zebra crossing for the fear of catching a signal and the pedestrians are left dodging speeding vehicles to get to the other end of the road.
    • Pensioners who have to dodge dual-carriage way traffic to catch a bus are dicing with death, a county councillor has claimed.
    • He dodges her as she tries to hit him with the weapon.
    • I watched the fighter fend off or dodge the attack of every solo fighter.
    • On this day it was a question of dodging the rain that at times hammered down, and then of course out came the Sun, and it was like playing in a sauna.
    • He took a swing at him, but John nimbly dodged the blow.
    • We turned another corner, narrowly dodging another bullet, running down the alleyway.
    • Mike nimbly dodged these attacks and delivered brutal counters that took out his enemies.
    • How the trio dodge him, with timely help from the professor and the magical map of the prison castle is the rest of the story, which is filled with surprise twists and turns.
    • She threw herself to the floor, just barely dodging a bullet that was aimed for her head.
    • This time, he wasn't quick enough in dodging any attacks.
    • He attacked right then left, both parried and did a quick back roll to dodged a vertical attack.
    • As he easily dodged the blow he brought himself behind Michael and grabbed his wrist with both hands.
    • The children skillfully dodged him as they dashed out the door.
  • 2

    (question) esquivar
    (question) soslayar
    (problem/issue) soslayar
    (problem/issue) eludir
    (responsibility/work/duty) eludir
    (duty/work/responsibility) rehuir
    (tax) evadir
    we dodged paying our fare viajamos sin pagar
    • to dodge the draft no acudir a la llamada a filas
    • Only if no attempt is made to collect my fare will I dodge payment.
    • The telecom company was asked to comment on the letter - and on the specific question of legal action - but decided instead to dodge the issue.
    • People caught dodging the licence fee, which is £116 a year, can be fined up to £1, 000, plus court costs.
    • I do not think it is appropriate for a Minister to answer a question in the House in a way that attempts to dodge full responsibility for this appalling breach.
    • His failure to address that question leaves him open to the charge of dodging an important issue.
    • Those are charges he says he has no intention of answering in the war crimes court, if he can dodge it.
    • No respite is given to the women constantly dodging detection and caught up at every turn by gender-specific restrictions.
    • Are you dodging the social life question?
    • Smith, who massaged facts and refused to face questions, dodged responsibility to the last.
    • For a broader understanding of why his army lost the war he ought to poll the many who dodged the draft, not just the few who took the King's shilling.
    • He understands how to employ our military more effectively - despite dodging the draft during the Vietnam War.
    • The subject has three choices: yes, no, or dodge the question.
    • From what I understand there are a whole host of possibilities where they could be used to catch people who dodge their road tax or drop litter.
    • Everybody's got to be somewhere, and there I was in Vancouver at the age of five, dodging the draft into the War in Vietnam.
    • He dodges all sorts of critical questions that the reader wants answered: do extreme conditions really reveal nothing relevant about human motives and choices?
    • We have asked him direct questions and he never dodges them, although he may well give himself a moment of reflection before he replies.
    • A compromise regarding participation in such a war is out of the question; this is why the Greens dodged the issue at their latest conference.
    • He remains in nimble form when it comes to dodging some questions, though.
    • The same question recurs on every trip, and we never dodge it.
    • Swindon Council has called in the bailiffs to sort out motorists dodging parking fines.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    echarse a un lado
    she dodged behind the car se escondió rápidamente detrás del coche


  • 1coloquial

    treta femenino
    truco masculino
    artimaña femenino
    that's an old dodge ese es un truco muy viejo
    • Let's bring back ‘education and job training,’ those favored dodges from work responsibilities.
    • I mean, that goes in the hall of fame of dodges and fishy explanations.
    • The notion of diversity is simply an ideological dodge to conceal the fact that selection is being reintroduced to favour some at the expense of others.
    • Kelly, I suppose it's a bit of an artful dodge to say get rid of all 527s.
    • In theory, then, Mr. Secretary, can you address the corporate tax dodge?
    • If this sounds like a dodge by those afraid of accountability, why the suspicion among successful districts?
    • He thinks that being in college is a great dodge to avoid work, so he throws all the tests.
    • What he's doing here is a bit of a dodge, and that's only encouraging the press to go after him again.
    • At the time, asbestos victims and unions warned it was a dodge to try and avoid escalating liabilities.
    • Citing such impersonal forces - such as poverty - is always a dodge for individual responsibility.
    • The very first chief was initially derided as a fox guarding the henhouse, but he did a sterling job - precisely because he knew all the financial dodges.
    • How dare this President collect taxes from ordinary Americans after touting a company that created 881 offshore dodges to avoid taxes.
    • Promoters who mass-market tax dodges now must disclose their deals and customers' names.
    • They present this response as a matter of conviction rather than an artful dodge.
    • The bill repeals restrictions on ‘top-heavy’ pension plans set up as tax dodges by employers.
    • Employers who attempt this dodge could be held liable for back payments of employment taxes, plus penalties and interest.
    • The effect has been to encourage the well-off to take out plans for children as a tax dodge.
    • I had just enrolled in graduate school, chiefly as a dodge.
    • But such dodges can only hold the press at bay for so long.
    • The dining area is understated and tasteful, and thanks to a few interior dodges (fake windows and the odd mirror) it avoids inducing claustrophobia.
  • 2

    esquive masculino
    • He drew his knife and threw himself into a series of lightning-quick thrusts, parries, lunges, and dodges.
    • A guard shot at me but with a quick dodge from my new agility I managed to avoid at it.
    • Swift dodges from all three prevented anything from happening, but it was close.
    • As you enter the room, perform a rolling dodge to the left.
    • After a series of dodges Hikaru started to lose his breath.
    • They paused for a moment and began to trade a flurry of blows, parries and dodges in a blur of movement.
    • He had excellent ball control, beautiful dodges and his crosses were the most precise and measured.
    • It's frustrating, especially when your mad dodges and leaps bring you into the path of an enemy you couldn't see.
    • The person swung around to avoid dodges and hits from Ewen and Tess.
    • The boost in graphical detail has also improved their movements, making their dodges, grapples and infiltrations seem much more realistic.
    • She rushed in, preparing to make a quick dodge into the kitchen to grab another drink and then get back out, but froze on the spot two steps into the house.
    • A quick dodge saved her head from an incoming fist.
    • Startled by his quick dodge, I lost my defensive edge.
    • The two swordsmen were behind him and they were starting to get the hang of his dodges.