Traducción de domicile en Español:


domicilio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɑməˌsaɪl//ˈdɒmɪsɪl//ˈdɒmɪsʌɪl//ˈdɑməsəl//ˈdoʊməˌsaɪl/



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    domicilio masculino formal
    domicile of origin/choice domicilio de origen/de elección
    • to have domicile in the United Kingdom estar domiciliado en el Reino Unido
    • This followed the news that the company was registering its tax domicile in Madeira.
    • When an individual acquires a domicile of choice, it is as if he is connected to his domicile of origin or dependency by a piece of elastic, known as the doctrine of continuance.
    • To prepare for the listing, it was created as a holding company for the assets and its domicile moved to Britain.
    • I work for a British company and, for tax purposes, consider the UK to be my domicile.
    • There's a certain grim irony here from comments made at the 2001 shareholders meeting to consider the domicile shift.
    • Also required were a minimum stock market capitalization of $1 billion and, to avoid exchange-rate or foreign tax worries, a U.S. domicile.
    • Wherever you're taxed, you'll need to know what your residency and your domicile are as they are not the same.
    • It is accepted, accordingly, that mother has, by birth and through her father's then domicile, an English domicile of origin.
    • To enhance its generalizability, this study did not restrict its sample in terms of partner domiciles or host country locations.
    • The company is planning to move its domicile from Australia to London, broadening the potential investor base.
    • They have figured out how to rip off shareholder funds by moving to shifty offshore domiciles.
    • It collects flows and allocations data from both United States registered funds and funds registered in other leading domiciles such as Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Ireland, the UK, Caymans and Guernsey.
    • It appears that his domicile of origin was definitely in the United Kingdom.
    • So, you could have been born in France, but if your father was English, your domicile of origin is Britain.
    • Normally a defendant must be sued in the courts of his domicile but Article 16 provides for exclusive jurisdiction in some cases, thus departing from that normal rule.