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dominante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdɑmənənt//ˈdɒmɪnənt/


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    • 1.1(more powerful)

      (force/party/nation/influence) dominante
      dominant market position posición dominante en el mercado femenino
      • Only the largest and most dominant males have the opportunity to breed.
      • He argues that historically the reaction of lesser states has been determined more by the potential power of the dominant state than by its actual behaviour or avowed intentions.
      • However, she disobeys her orders and resists the dominant powers with little effort.
      • The moral of the story so far is this: don't become the clearly dominant power unless you are able to preserve your position through cunning diplomacy, or you are large enough to make the dash for victory.
      • By the 1930s, it had become the dominant paradigm in American experimental psychology.
      • It has, since the 1960s, been the dominant influence on education policy on both sides of the Atlantic.
      • The emergence of improvement as a dominant ideology derived from three of its characteristics.
      • Any firm with the market power attendant upon a dominant position has the potential to do this.
      • Geopolitics, history and common sense all indicate that a dominant power chooses its own policies without being influenced by the special wishes of others - however friendly.
      • It has moved from being a dominant power which most often works through a sort of informal consensus to one that increasingly seeks to act through dictation.
      • The peace settlement left it in a potentially dominant position in Europe, wounded but not seriously hurt.
      • The romantics are moralistic, rebellious against the perceived dominant power, and combative against any who appear to stray from the true path.
      • Larger individuals generally are socially dominant, and so compete better for food resources.
      • How has all this misleading language become so dominant across the political spectrum?
      • His powerful and sometimes dominant influence on Austrian politics is a result of the refusal of the other official parties to seriously take him on.
      • However, the second half of the month was wet and windy as Atlantic depressions became the dominant influence, some of which owed their origins to former hurricanes.
      • To make progress in their struggle for equality, they needed to wrest power from their own dominant strata.
      • Moreover, the development of a dominant ideology deserves a mention in this context.
      • Economically, however, the paper remains dominant in its market.
      • They will not be the dominant power for long anyway.

    • 1.2(predominant)

      (industry/crop) predominante
      (industry/crop) preponderante
      (pattern/topic) dominante
      (pattern/topic) preponderante
      • Sandy areas at the study site can be classified into two habitat types based on mobility of the sand and on the dominant perennial plant species.
      • In the hotter climates of southwest Asia and Africa, a ‘mutant’ with only one hump, the Dromedary, became the dominant species.
      • Fluctuations in the productivity of dominant plant species should also have a significant impact on complex food webs in forest ecosystems.
      • In an environment with moving sand, tolerance to partial burial seems to be a requisite for the dominant plant species.
      • Perennial woody plants are the dominant species in many ecosystems of the world and have significant ecological and economic importance.

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