Traducción de doom en Español:


condenar, v.

Pronunciación /dum//duːm/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    the project was doomed from the start el proyecto estaba condenado al fracaso desde el principio
    • They're firmly locked into delusion, and are doomed to live there forever.
    • Otherwise he will be forever doomed to be the victim of his own erudition.
    • Most of these duplicated segments are doomed to oblivion, because any proteins their genes produce are redundant.
    • It inevitably dooms itself to calamities that must strike it dead.
    • All we all doomed to repeat the same mistakes as our mothers?
    • When I was doomed to live in despair, he saved me!
    • Perhaps the promoter may have been able to do something, but the truth is, it's the lack of venues that are dooming our live acts to cancelling and moving to venues that half the audience can't enter.
    • Maybe it was always doomed to be a lost cause.
    • Alas, the reader - sophisticated or otherwise - is doomed to disappointment.
    • If you go by what the experts and data crunchers say, the worker bees of the world are dooming the civilized, unhurried meal to an untimely death.
    • Looking for a history that isn't there, these hand-wringing malcontents are doomed to disappointment.
    • Is my slothful old age doomed to gloomy obscurity?
    • Some of us avoid that painful process by diving straight into a new relationship, dooming ourselves to an endlessly repeating pattern of failure, while others remain shattered by the experience for years to come.
    • He was going only out of a sense of obligation to an already doomed relationship.
    • Failing to recognize the dark side of humanity dooms us to repeat those failings.
    • The workers held out for three days, but they were doomed to defeat.
    • If we don't allow any quality commercial development then the town is doomed to a mediocre fate.
    • To ignore the current situation would certainly doom the denomination to an untimely death.
    • Is the field of canine cognition doomed forever to repeat this seemingly endless dispute?
    • To start a project and then determine you or your staff is not able to commit the time needed will doom your project to sure failure.
  • 2doomed past participle

    (man) condenado
    (man) sentenciado
    (enterprise) condenado al fracaso
    doomed to die/fail predestinado / condenado a morir/fracasar
    • doomed to oblivion/failure predestinado / condenado al olvido/fracaso
    • Their brief marriage was clearly doomed from the start by her parents' snobbish condescension.
    • Illicit romance dooms the characters, bringing them closer to death and destruction than ever before and cementing their maturity - or lack thereof - permanently.
    • Querulousness, arrogance and an erratic streak alienated even his closest supporters, dooming his place in history.
    • Moreover, the way the authorities went about reform helped to doom their efforts.
    • However, a star does not have to appear doomed for their death to increase or alter their value.
    • Though the number of speakers declined again in the 1990s, there is nothing intrinsic in the nature of the language or its circumstances that dooms it.
    • But no, releasing this wasp out into the cold would doom it for sure, and I'm feeling too much cabin-fever kinship with her.
    • But all we really see is that the couple was doomed from the get-go.
    • I realize that the relationship is inevitably doomed.
    • Mike hardly ever looks at girls, and when he does, the relationship is doomed from the start.
    • I can tell you, some Republicans privately saying they think this dooms his potential presidential chances in 2008.
    • I am part of that menacing statistic that essentially dooms love from the very beginning.
    • But the project was doomed from the very outset.
    • With the constant drug-taking the marriage was doomed and it lasted just 14 months.
    • From my vantage point, I quickly came to the conclusion that bad journalism was dooming the business of Internet content.
    • If she said yes, she was cursed and doomed for eternity.
    • What made it useful in an earlier world is dooming it in this one.
    • The contact caused a small crack in the wing, allowing hot gas to seep in on re-entry, destroying the wing and dooming the crew.
    • Despite being financially doomed from the beginning, the promoters never let the party stop.
    • Failure to satisfy both components dooms the program.


  • 1

    (fate) sino masculino literario
    (death) muerte femenino
    they knew they were going to their doom sabían que la muerte los esperaba
    • the earthquake sent many to their doom muchos encontraron la muerte en el terremoto
    • the day of doom el día del Juicio Final
    • If she does not, the ancient prophecies foretell doom and destruction over all the earth.
    • They knew only one thing: It foretold their doom.
    • Transformation as currently practiced carries an appreciable risk of ultimate doom.
    • Unfortunately, their votes spell certain doom for other countries, other innocent people.
    • Since the real world is more frightening than the void, thoughts turn to impending doom, death and suicide.
    • Why are they looking at me as if this dream spells impending doom?
    • There is one state that is an infallible indicator of imminent doom: suffering.
    • However, its inevitable collapse spelled doom for the many colonies that were dependent on it.
    • The rat squeals and fights, sensing it may be headed to its doom.
    • The film rumbles along, an ominous sense of marital doom hanging over the entire affair.
    • Elm tree shadows crept across the street and spelled doom for my project.
    • For most teams, the loss of their star player would spell almost certain doom.
    • She was filled with a sickly sense of fear and the realization that she was facing her own imminent doom.
    • There is a longstanding feeling of doom hanging over the offense.
    • Meanwhile, everyone she films with her cursed camera meets an untimely doom.
    • She didn't want to turn evil and hand the world to its doom.
    • Many economists are predicting doom and gloom in the times ahead but racing has never been stronger.
    • So the prophets are split neatly between impending economic doom and postponed blight.
    • Dust filled the air as one by one the vampires met their doom.
    • I have to work today with this feeling of impending doom hanging over me.
  • 2

    fatalidad femenino
    the prophets of doom los catastrofistas / agoreros