Traducción de doorknob en Español:


pomo (de la puerta), n.


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    pomo (de la puerta) masculino
    • Create unity and smooth the transition from one room to another by placing the same style doorknobs on all the doors of the main rooms.
    • Sucking in a deep breath, he gripped the doorknob and pulled the heavy door open.
    • As soon as she laid her hand on the doorknob the door opened from the inside and she jumped back with a start.
    • Just when my hand met the cold metal of the doorknob, the door swung open.
    • Ever since she had started reading the book, she couldn't help analyzing doorknobs on every door that she had encountered.
    • You can buy extended handles for doorknobs and stove controls, gadgets to open car doors and under-the-counter jar openers that grip a jar's lid as you physically turn the jar.
    • Childproof doorknobs or latches mounted high on doors help prevent wandering outside.
    • He shook his head and we both watched as someone tried to turn the doorknob and push the door open.
    • She reached out a shaking hand, ready to turn the doorknob and open the door before her.
    • She froze, one hand gripping the doorknob and the other clutching the shawl tightly to her chest.
    • The guards standing on either side of the door grasped the doorknobs and pulled back, clearing a path for the duo.
    • I look up the central stairs to a row of white doors with antiquated doorknobs.
    • We then walked through an old wooden door with huge black doorknobs.
    • Though she wasn't sure how, she knew it was a hotel; doors were evenly spaced along the walls, old-fashioned doors with hinges and doorknobs.
    • She didn't even turn her head as the doorknob turned and the door was pushed open.
    • Many campaigns choose is to print small doorhanger pieces that can easily be affixed to doorknobs and screen doors of your high-turnout precincts.
    • And there are a thousand subtle differences between the doorknobs of a door and a cupboard.
    • Other highlights include handstitched doorknobs and door levers and a wide range of cabinet pulls and knobs.
    • He wrapped his hand around the doorknob of the door and swung it open.
    • He placed his hand on the doorknob to open the door.