Traducción de double bill en Español:

double bill

programa doble, n.


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    programa doble masculino
    • The double bill consists of A Slight Ache and Ashes to Ashes.
    • Northern Broadsides are on the march with a Shakespeare double bill of The Merry Wives and the first major production of King John for more than ten years.
    • Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre continues to deliver high standards of challenging drama with a one-act double bill featuring Stoppard's A Separate Peace and Vaclav Havel's Audience.
    • A double bill of theatrical productions from two much-loved stories of Oscar Wilde, will be performed at the Linenhall Arts Centre on Thursday next, August 25th at 8pm.
    • This year's event is being held next Saturday, May 29, and there's a great double bill featuring entertainment from two of our top Country and Irish music performers.
    • We know each other from working in the theatre together and doing a Pinter double bill.
    • Saturday, May 7 sees a special double bill of entertainment for The Allingham Arms Hotel in Bundoran.
    • His third visit to Glasgow's CCA comes at the end of this week, and will see him perform a double bill of works that would doubtless make his friend Amanda proud.
    • I went to see a double bill of two plays by Harold Pinter.
    • The double bill comprises The Ruffian on the Stair and The Erpingham Camp, both plays originally commissioned for radio and then re-written and expanded for the theatre.
    • Two highly-acclaimed and award-winning American plays from last year's Edinburgh Festival will make their London debut as a double bill.
    • This lively production, which had a sell-out run earlier this year, is part of a double bill from Cartway productions for the 2002 Fringe Theatre Festival.
    • This double bill of monologues from the creative team Urmum Productions creates a powerful exploration of twisted masculinity and a search for catharsis that comes as a result of a wasted or tragic life.
    • At the Live Arts Festival to perform his double bill Rite of Spring and Behind Resonance, he shows he's not just a choreographer but a visual artist of the highest caliber.
    • Everything changed in 1962 when I wandered into a double bill of Resnais movies at a Boston art theater.
    • Beckett & Brecht is the collective title for the double bill at the newly refurbished Theatre Centre.
    • I say a double bill, but both these offerings are so brief that they feel like scenes towards plays rather than real theatrical meat.
    • For the lucky many who came, it was an entertaining double bill.
    • The play was originally conceived as part of a double bill.
    • Last night I happened to watch two excellent TV programmes, a double bill of Middleton's excellent Surviving Extremes series, which pit the Oxbridge don and travel writer against the world's most inhospitable climates.