Traducción de double chin en Español:

double chin

papada, n.


  • 1

    papada femenino
    • Clinics report a doubling in the number of image-conscious men who have gone under the surgeon's scalpel over the past two years, to rid themselves of flabby buttocks or double chins.
    • He has high cholesterol and the fat redistribution on his face has given him a huge double chin.
    • He has shallow eyes, a slight double chin, and a low nose bridge.
    • Personally, I know no clergymen with double chins.
    • When I looked in the mirror, I saw that my double chin was slowly disappearing.
    • Not only does this lead to an unattractive double chin, it causes tension and pain in the neck and shoulder region.
    • As a result, many of his models are overweight and have double chins, pot-bellies, and lots of wrinkles.
    • Responding to this need, beauty centres and clinics have mushroomed all over the country, offering treatment for getting rid of wrinkles, tucking in a double chin and making dark circles under the eyes fade away.
    • I lost 1-2 pounds a week, and my double chin gradually disappeared.
    • If you sit with a drooping chin, you will create an illusion of having a double chin no matter how thin you are.
    • She was sure that if she reached sixty kilograms she would have a double chin, a feature of so many of her relatives.
    • That an 18 year old athlete should have a double chin just a couple of months after a foot injury is a throwback to the 1980's when excess was acceptable.
    • He has watery green eyes, thinning brown hair, and a slight double chin speckled with stubble.
    • She took care of her double chin while she was at it, and the fat under her armpits that made strapless dresses impossible to wear, and the roll of skin that showed when she bent her wrists.
    • The correct use of muscles can reshape the body, lift sagging cheeks, melt away double chins, middle-age spread and abdominal bulges, restore elasticity to the skin, iron out creepy necks and eliminate flabbiness.
    • Over my years as a model I have been told a number of rude things about my body, like my breasts are too big, or that they are fake; that I have a double chin, a fat neck or a fold on my tummy.
    • His unshaven face must have hid at least a dozen double chins.
    • If I look real close at this old photo I can even detect the beginnings of the family double chin.
    • Collection of fat below the chin causes gradual loss of cheek and neck definition and double chins.
    • He has taken on the look of a Buddha with the years as double chins dominate a roly-poly face.