Traducción de double entendre en Español:

double entendre

doble sentido, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdubl ɑnˈtɑndrə//ˌdəbl ɑnˈtɑndrə//ˌduːb(ə)l ɒ̃ˈtɒ̃dr(ə)/


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    doble sentido masculino
    • The double entendres are all back, from the film's title right down to multiple cheeseball one-liners.
    • Co-written by Wolf Mankowitz and director Guest, here is a script full of sly double entendres, biting zingers, chillingly ironic humor, and yes, even a scintilla of realistic intelligence.
    • Lupin is in many ways reminiscent of the Pink Panther series of films, with its 60s / 70s cosmopolitan sheen and reliable caper-based formula, laced with risqué double entendres.
    • A whole whack of puns, one-liners and double entendres get crammed into the 90-minute running time, and most of them fall flatter than a postage stamp.
    • The lyrics are brimming with double entendres and the emotion is uncluttered, leaving it raw with intensity and character.
    • In the title piece, readers are thrown from one double entendre to the next.
    • It's quite a feat that they can deliver steady double entendres while maintaining an innocence that keeps the film viable as children's entertainment.
    • The country's funniest entertainers have been warned to keep their double entendres to themselves when they appear at the British Comedy Awards 2003.
    • But, all the amusing double entendres suddenly aren't so amusing when you're looking at your kids and thinking about the words to describe these toys coming out of their mouths.
    • There were cheeky songs too on this double album, rude, raunchy songs whose double entendres escaped me back then.
    • Meanwhile, all of the other characters engage in leery double entendres and surprisingly tame sex scenes.
    • By the early 1970s, his relentless double entendres were beginning to sound dated and self-parodic.
    • The naïve values I was raised on - and passed down to my kids, seem less and less relevant in a world of connivance, double dealings, double crossings and double entendres.
    • I hope this answers your query, without double entendres or innuendo.
    • Sure it was inane (innocent even) but double entendres from the 70s and 80s still managed to elicit a snigger from me - and to think it probably would still not be screened uncut in the USA!
    • The producers were instructed by the BBC to cut out double entendres as these were said to be giving offence to some listeners of the Light Programme.
    • It wasn't perhaps as hilarious as my all-time favourites, and it was curiously short on double entendres and what the TV guide likes to refer to as ‘adult concepts’.
    • The film opens with a flurry of sight gags and double entendres, layered over incipient tension.
    • For the most part, BMX XXX reuses the same formula found in countless extreme sports games, only the goals are chocked full of smutty double entendres.
    • So - but as far as the material went, no, we couldn't do double entendres, and he did change words once in a while.