Traducción de double exposure en Español:

double exposure

doble exposición, n.


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    doble exposición femenino
    • The spectacle provided by store windows was, in pictorial terms, of double exposure, of disintegration, of seeing and not seeing.
    • Known as ‘the father of art photography’, he tried to expand the expressive range of photography by experimenting with double exposures and printing from several negatives onto a single sheet of paper.
    • Appropriately titled 8Versions, the exhibition explores nudity, nature, double exposure, infrared lighting, beauty and decay in both silver gelatine and digital mediums.
    • My photographs are not the result of digital manipulation or double exposures.
    • The duplicates you see in the photos are not a result of double exposure or image manipulation.
    • Simple double exposure becomes very easy with this material in the background.
    • In 1862, he made a good living in Boston using double exposure to produce photographs with alleged spirits of dead people in them.
    • When we use a photo that has been significantly altered, we will caption it as a photo illustration, digitally altered, double exposure or any number of other descriptions to let the reader know it is not as real as it seems.
    • The ease with which such photographs could be faked - by double exposure or prepared plates - was admitted by all.
    • Over a lilting, haunting shuffle, the sad story of teenage soldiers and war is brilliantly illustrated with the use of dissolves and double exposure.
    • If you want to be really creative, consider taking a double exposure.
    • Add to that the effective use of double exposures and dissolves to show dreams and fantasies.
    • It relied on cinematic tricks like double exposure to create a fantastic fate-ridden diegetic universe.
    • Part of the charm of the film comes with the use of rear projection and double exposure - devices probably seen as decidedly old fashioned in a CGI-soaked movie world.
    • The two signals were superimposed by double exposure.
    • The transparence is achieved through double exposure.
    • Cropping, masking, duplicating, special effects, double exposures, solarisation and selenium printing are always best done in the darkroom.
    • His use of the double exposure contributes to this painterly feel by rendering an outline of second colour, giving his photographs their depth and lustre.
    • The set up in Moving Pictures consists of contrasting scenes and vignettes from Shipman's life layered upon each other to create a theatrical effect much like the filmic double exposure.