Traducción de double standard en Español:

double standard

doble moral, n.


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    doble moral masculino
    to apply / have double standards aplicar una ley para unos y otra para otros
    • Politics is a world of double standards, hidden agendas, bias and negative activism.
    • I think you are employing a double standard here that I don't understand.
    • The different treatment displays the existence of a profound double standard.
    • The international community has had double standards over this issue.
    • And he believes double standards exist in the way road and train drivers are dealt with.
    • There are clearly double standards when it comes to accountability for collective failures.
    • The persistent application of double standards can bring about undesirable results.
    • The arithmetic suggests double standards are not the exclusive property of one side.
    • With such double standards how can we expect our children to stop taking ‘street’ drugs?
    • The challenge to the postmodern world is to get used to the idea of double standards.
    • Externally, we are being pushed by those who believe in hegemony, bias, and double standards.
    • It is riddled with inconsistencies, double standards, and sheer confusion.
    • The problem is that I have this childish belief in consistency and a dislike of double standards.
    • This is not the first time that these double standards have appeared.
    • Apologists for the double standard claim the difference lies between one being a dictatorship and the other a democracy.
    • I don't get the constant double standards and idiocy of this aesthetically obsessed society we live in.
    • Accusations of double standards or nefarious intent would be much harder to sustain.
    • One such feature is of course the presence of double standards.
    • In media, such double standards become pretty clear if you compare the regional press with the national press.
    • These double standards won't pass any test anywhere for fairness and equity.